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Fire, 'technical issue' on two Dreamliners raise new worries

(CNN) -- A fire and "technical issue" aboard two Boeing 787 Dreamliners on Friday raised new safety concerns for the long troubled airliner. The fire ignited on an empty 787 operated by Ethiopian Airlines that was parked at London's Heathrow airport. No one was hurt and the incident shut runways for about an hour before operations resumed, the airport said. ( More...

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Black magic.
B-787 jinxed.
Witchcraft in action.
High Priestess annoyed.
Try to appease Her next full moon night.
daniel klein 1
Ho Li Fuk strikes again... This Koreean pilots affect all Boeing787 :)
Their God seems to be stronger and effective! Eh?
If so , beware, don't annoy them lest they cast a curse on you too .
ha ha ;-p


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