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LAX Worker Fatally Struck By Luggage-Moving Cart

LOS ANGELES ( — A Los Angeles International Airport employee was fatally struck Friday by a luggage-moving cart. The incident took place around 5 a.m. on the LAX mid-field service road, officials said. The man in his 50s was driving a ground service equipment vehicle when he fell off and was run over. ( More...

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Musketeer1 1
The question of how is just begging, but California seems to set a new bar for stupid every day.
Tom Kearney 2
What if his accident was preceded by a stroke or heart attack? Human decency seems in short supply around here. There, but for the grace of god goes you.
Musketeer1 3
I don't attribute my continued existence to god. You have a valid point, though, I'm a little insensitive sometimes.
Marcus Pradel 1
While a little insensitive, i'm sure there was a seatbelt that maybe would've prevented this accident and he could've run into an airplane or fuel instead.
In the 80's when I did it, those equipment didn't have seatbelts.
linbb 1
Well due to the way they make laws down there south of us and pass along to the rest they will come out with mandatory rest periods and have to have a medical card to drive one.


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