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Vietnam says it may have found missing jet's door

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) - Vietnamese authorities searching waters for the missing Boeing 777 jetliner spotted an object Sunday that they suspected was one of the plane's doors, as international intelligence agencies joined the investigation into two passengers who boarded the aircraft with stolen passports. ( More...

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Brent Romanik 4
From other reports I've read, the possible lifeboat is a moss covered cap from a cable reel.
Jack Dare 7
It is strange the government can track and listen to our cell phones but lose a whole plane
They're selective!!!
Micheal Beven 3
BREAKING NEWS: Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad is the Iranian who boarded MH370 on stolen passport READ HERE DETAILS
PhotoFinish 2
The lifeboat was long ago confirmed to NOT belong to the missing airliner.
Is it even remotely possible that this aircraft was taken/flown someplace? I would think that it would be virtually impossible to hide an aircraft like this, but just thought I'd throw it out there for discussion...
PhotoFinish 1
It is being reported that the US has reviewed their infrared satelite data that looks for misile launches, and did not find the signature of a fuel explosion mid-air.

So the plane likely traveled some distance from the point of last radar contact.

Now the question is, where did the plane go?:
1. Did it slowly lose altitude and crash into the sea at a point further away and away from where everyone is searching?
2. Did they land somewhere (whether at the direction of hijackers or not)?
3. Did they crash on land and are covered by the triple canopy jungle endemic in the area?
joe johnson 1
At this point anything is possible. Triple's don't crash into the sea and leave NO debris.
wx1996 1
Interesting idea. Real, out of the box thinking. Aviation Radar over the water does not go down to sea level. They at least have a couple thousand feet to fly in undetected close to the water. As they get closer to land, with a little bit of planning they could fly low and use terrain to block radar detection. Maritime radars just about all have speed filters, so a plane would not be reported to the user or recorded. Should be possible, as planes arriving at airports without defection until they were about ready to land have surprised both the USA and Russia, even with their extensive modern Radar coverage.

That leads to the more interesting question, why would they did they want to vanish?
linbb -2
You have to be kidding as a radar track would have been found. But could have been them spacemen that you hear about where you live.
Like I's probably virtually impossible, but stranger things have happened...and that's why it was phrased as a question to discuss.
PhotoFinish 1
Malaysia Aviation authority denied that the debris is from the plane hours ago.
biz jets 1
Ships reached the item and confirmed it was not part of the aircraft,
PhotoFinish 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Mystery and false alarms continue as floating ‘yellow object’ found not to be part of missing Malaysia Airlines plane

The sea is filled with debris, so reports of found debris will not be news until any debris is found to be from the missing airliner or any airliner. Also reported, Chinese Muslim separatists have claimed responsibility cryptically, not believe by officials.
Yea we can't track a plane - but we connect via sat to the internet - and also why is possible for a 200 million dollar - (and up), aircarft to clip or hit another anything,

how many regular cars have avoidance lights and sounds for the side and rear of a CAR ?
Micheal Beven 1
BREAKING Here is the 19-Year Iranian Photos With Fake Passport,Revealed By Police
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Possible Lifeboat Spotted from Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet

Despite a massive international investigation, few clues if any have emerged that point investigators to the fate of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

The most recent clue emerged early Monday when a pilot spotted a possible lifeboat in the Gulf of Thailand. ...


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