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Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737 hit by bird strike in Nepal

A flock of birds shattered cockpit windows of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737 as it landed in the Nepali capital, Kathmandu, but all 180 passengers and crew were safe, an airport official said. ( More...

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Victor Engel 2
I would say the plane hit the birds, not the birds hit the plane.
Angie Hayek 1
It would depend on which way the birds were flying... into the plane the birds hit the plane, trying to fly away from the plane the jet hit the birds
Alan Winn 1
very funny... I guess the birds did not see the jet coming !
Angie Hayek 1
They probably saw it.... OOOO shiny. Splat. What was the last thing that went through their minds as they hit the plane? Their tail feathers!......
btweston 3
This must have been an evil attempt to force the plane to land in a remote location so that the Bird Separatist faction can fill it with explosives and launch an attack on... something.

Prove that it wasn't, sheeple!
That is why we shoot birds. Great targets and thwarts conspiracy.
Angie Hayek 1
Maybe they were planning to use the plane to fly low and release their brothers imprisoned in zoos across the world. Carefully! ,carefully! Clip the top of the cage only! Opps..... Next
Pileits 1
Are the birds on strike over low wages or benefits or what? Hope the bird union wins this one!
very astonish how the birds hit the jet plane they dint c the get plane is comming !


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