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The Lockheed L-1011 TriStar flies last mission after 30 years of service with the Royal Air Force

The Lockheed L-1011 TriStar flew its last operational mission with the Royal Air Force bringing to an end 30 years of service which saw the aircraft at the heart of operations around the world. ( More...

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I remember flying on the TriStar as a kid from BOS to STL and on to Denver Stapleton. VERY cool plane and it's one of the reasons I'm so hooked on planes over 30 years later.
John Berry 6
I only had one opportunity to fly the L1011, out of St Louis with TWA. I can't for the life of me remember where we flew to, but I remember it being a pretty nice cabin, on par with the DC10.

All these cool planes from my youth are going to the bone yard, it makes me kind of misty eyed.
Gary Bennett 4
Being replaced by a more fuel efficient but less capable aircraft.
sparkie624 1
Yeah... and built cheap and crappier...
Tail mount rear engine (damn auto correct)
sparkie624 2
LOL... I know what you are saying.... It happens to us all. At least the way you state it, it has a unique funny read to it... A good needed grin for the morning.
In have nice memories of it flying with Delta colors.....super aircraft!!!
Alan Winn 3
Love that aircraft too ! I remember flying in the PanAm L1011-500s out of JFK in the 1980s.. They were built like tanks!
Loved seeing this bird (and sometimes the VC10!) fly into KLAS for Red Flag. I do miss living in Vegas for some things! :)
Really? Red Flag included the L-10? What role did she play? I have learned something new.
Gary Bennett 2
Made many flights from IND to LAS on American Trans Air in the early 90s Great aircraft.
I saw one last summer at yyz, parked in the north part of the airport, easily visible from Derry road. I unique tail mouth red engine cought my eye first.
I guess now that the sands bird is toast it only leaves the orbitz plane as the only operational l1011 in the world.
A bunch are for sale on various aircraft sights, but I can't see anyone utilizing for anything other then display pieces
ADXbear 2
A wonderful part of our aviation history, the new generations will not have a the pleasure flying on one in all her former glory... solid stable wide body.. frequent Delta airlines flights from Orlando to Vegas... Hope someone preserves on for boarding so we can see what its like to flying on something bigger than a 737..
David George 2
Had the opportunity to fly YVR to YUL return in an Air Canada L-1011 in 1994. Business class, and the seats were really comfortable. Air Canada had 3 of these at the time, but I guess they found the fuel consumption a bit high. Lovely aircraft; sorry to see them go.
chalet 2
Nicely built, terrible economics though
Never see another 3 holer....just the fed ex and ups, maybe a few others for cargo.
My first L-1011 ride was KFK=LIS with TWA. What a bird!
The RAF L1011 together the the VC-10 mean the end of honest to goodness solidly build aircraft not designed to operate via computers alone but by way of old fashioned wires and pulleys etc.. long shall the KC-10 operate with the RNAF and USAF?
M L 2
My first L1011 trip was TWA, Seattle to NYC, which I repeated many times. It was a great airplane, and, like Jason, it contributes to my enthusiasm for airplanes today. In my passenger opinion, as flown by TWA the L1011 was more comfortable than the DC10.
Agree. Comfortable and quiet.
sparkie624 2
It was a great aircraft type with excellent maintenance histories. I hate to see it go, but they are aging.... I really hate to see them replacing it with a bus that probably won't last 1/2 as long.
chalet 1
Didn't good ole Boeing sue Lockheed over the design of the No. 2 engine blending it into the fuselaje as opposed to a straight set up like the DC-10.
Similiar to 727 with the "s" duct?


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