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Turkey Shoots Down Syrian MiG

A war of words has flared between Ankara and Damascus this week after a Turkish air force Lockheed Martin F-16 shot down a Syrian air force Mikoyan MiG-23BN ground attacker on Sunday. ( More...

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Tim Swift 2
Fascinating and very unfortunate for the pilot/s at the mercy of this sort of political chess playing.
Unfortunate but fighter pilots often play the role of disposable pawns.
I read the story and Turkey has their policy of strict airspace enforcement because of Syrian's past actions. The political game is unfortunate though, I agree.
Alan Winn 1
Right, very unfortunate for the pilot. It reads like the aircraft was about to leave Turkish airspace, a mile short ! Turks are know to be trigger happy, plus have been flexing a lot of muscle lately, just like Putin's RUSSRia, both countries need to distract their population... they have too many internal problems!


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