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Searching for Answers: Why Stopping the Hunt for Flight 370 is Not an Option

As the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane continues, and the costs begin to mount, one thing has become clear: the hunt for the Boeing jetliner that took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing, China on March 8 is likely to become one of the most expensive recovery efforts in history and possibly one of the great unsolved mysteries of the 21st century. While the mood on Monday was decidedly optimistic as Australian officials said they were “very close” to finding the wreckage, the tone… ( More...

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ADXbear 1
I agree with the previous commenter, it must be found not just for the information the boxes will contain, but to eliminate any possibility that that aircraft was not flown to an secret camouflaged location in some elaborate plan to be used in a terrorist plan down the road..
Further, the cost to find this aircraft should be a reminder to modify each aircraft with satellite service that will be used to fly out of ground based Radar range. All commercial aircraft over 200 seats should be required to "always" be in full mode C/ ADS-B radar contact so this situation is impossible to happen again...
Making changes to aircraft and ATC so that aircraft locations are always known,does not require the recovery,and investigation of the MH 370. Just the money and will to make the necessary changes. Perhaps the money spent in the search would be better applied to making the obvious changes.
Perhaps i missed it. But I failed to find out from this article, the central premis of the author.
Some things are not worth the cost to society. That's why we have cost benefit analysis applied to most expenditures today. Based on the central premis, we should still be actively combing the Bermuda Triangle for all of the ships and aircraft that have gone missing.
" The plane “has” to be found, its mysteries “must be unraveled,....... Without hard evidence as to what transpired that day on Flight 370, we lack the tools that may prevent something similar from happening again in the future. Repayment for this quest for knowledge may turn out to be this knowledge, plain and simple.”

Says all .
Both sentences, every worth, very invaluable, very apt, speaks the true spirit and justification of being a human being !
Hats off to Mr.Jonathan Spira Monday.

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What the hell has that got to do with a missing aeroplane
Ella Talbott 3
Just report them.
oleipelt 1
Yes a spammer and all that, and will be blocked by the administrators of this forum, no doubt.
sparkie624 1
When we get spammers, don't reply to them.. Down vote them (when they get to -10 they are blocked), and also report them... Otherwise we get threads like this that are way off topic.


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