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The airline with the most complaints is....

Spirit (SAVE) received the most complaints per passenger last year, the U.S. PIRG Education Fund found. The group examined complaints made to the Department of Transportation about major U.S. airlines. Passengers of Spirit were three times as likely in 2013 to lodge a complaint than those flying on Frontier Airlines, which received the second largest number of complaints per passenger. United Airlines (UAL, Fortune 500) and American Airlines (AAL) took the third and fourth spots. ( More...

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Tony Smith 12
People will complain ... but time and time again have shown that they want the lowest fares. So most people want something for nothing. Tough luck, you get what you pay for.

josh homer 8
So people that fly on Spirit can get a seat for two goats and a sack of rice and then complain that they aren't up to par with major carriers? While I agree Spirit could have better transparency, you get what you pay for.
pdixonj 4
"Two" goats and a whole sack of rice??, Spirit's fares aren't as low as they used to be!
ChrisMD123 1
If only there were some organization that could set rules, or "govern," the airline industry, or provide consumer protections at large, so that an airline or other business would not be allowed to provide service so bad that it contradicts the expectations of those who have none.

I'd call it a government.
Melissa P 1
These people filing complaints are the people who book through third party websites and dont follow their instructions to look at the airlines website. People complain daily about this, however if they were to actually follow instructions, they wouldnt be surprised at the gate. Spirit is ala carte. you get what you pay for, not what you dont use. Simple as that
Glen Towler 0
Makes me wonder why people fly with them at all but I guess as they say you pay your money and you take your choice. Not for me thanks reminds me of jetstar cheap and not cheerful


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