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United Airlines Said to Prepare Order for 10 Boeing 777 Jets

United Airlines (UAL) is preparing to place an order for 10 of Boeing Co. (BA)’s largest twin-engine jetliners to replace older aircraft plying its longest routes, said people familiar with its plans. ( More...

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artie Neivert 1
how about getting a new food caterer. I'll never fly UAL overseas again, their food was absolutely terrible and the flight attendents weren't very attended, they could care less, very unprofessional piss poor attitude.
Pileits 0
I have to agree. The Int'l flight I took the food was hardly edible. Yes the flight attendants didn't seem to do much for the passengers either instead they all gathered in the galleys talking with each other.

United has taken to "outsourcing" nearly everything that airlines have to do and it shows BADLY how little United Airlines really wants to be in the airline business!

The current CEO needs to go!

[This poster has been suspended.]

I would believe so, regarding the COA order, because the MOU Boeing had (which was squawked here) was that they were going with the B787 and A350 (25 of each) to replace their B772s (they were the launch customer), B762s, and possibly their B744s.

No idea if the COA order would trump any of the MOUs.


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