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Air NZ to phase out last two 737'S by September

Air NZ CEO Chris Luxton has said the last remaining two Boeing 737-319's will be retired from the fleet by the end of September 2015. This is due to the increasing economical A320's and the new A320 neo jet that will come into the fleet over the next year. Also the recent delivery of the fourth Boeing 789 has being delivered into the anz fleet as ZK-NZD which was a DC8-52 jet rego anz once had back in 1965-1970's ( More...

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BOAC747 1
Yes the good old days of these economical jets proved efficient for the airline and other around the world but sooner or later there replaced by more advanced aircraft.
sueridge307 0
The Boeing 737 is a very popular jet throughout the commercial airliner world and is very economical as well. Proven to be much more better compared to the A320 jets
Interested to hear your rationale about "proven to be much better to the A320 jets" Facts and data please or is this just another Airbus bash?
preacher1 1
Probably an Airbus bash but being a Boeing man also, I'll have to agree with him. Boeing had that market until the upstart came along and took what was best. Otherwise they would not still be in business. Boeing did all the R&D work and they just grabbed the fruits. IMHO
happy747b 1
Boeing man or not he is right go back to your facts and history the 737 has being a proven economical jet from the beginning of its production up to now. The A320 has not being around as long as this legionary jet. state that


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