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Germanwings crash: Pilot confidentiality 'should be relaxed'

French investigators have called for medical confidentiality to be relaxed for pilots, in the wake of last year's Germanwings disaster. Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was urged by a doctor to attend psychiatric hospital weeks before he crashed the plane on 24 March 2015, but his employer was never alerted, their final report says. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 2
Medical issues that go unreported either by the physician or the patient (pilot) that can affect public safety has got to be a priority. The proof is in the articles of the pre meditated crash. Personally as the holder of a class 1 medical since 1972 I welcome open disclosure between my employer and the medical profession, there just isn't any other safe option!
josh homer 1
Seems to me a bit of
josh homer 1
a catch 22. Patient confidentiality meets reality. Both sides of the argument are valid. It's easy being a Monday morning quarterback in hindsight.
Highflyer1950 1
I actually agree but this has happened so many times it's not about hindsight as it is " in plain sight". Sometimes you better learn from what's happening around you or you become the problem.
des quinn 1
It seems NEED TO KNOW ?
Again the need to know is never used. The Doctor should be made to contact any any Airline and release that type info about COMM/PILOT in a CONFIDENTIALLY as such cases without receiving any problems from Airline or Pilot involved.
This is not the first case and with the very slack system will not be the last so lets get behind the Doctors & companies and do something now.
This is a crazy subject and hard to wrap your head around.
It is about time! Pilots have pax lives in their hands...massive tragedy😥 Public disclosure is wrong but within company limits the airline needs to know! Same with drinking & drugs, should never be allowed!
Jakub Bialek 1
No, not the confidentiality should be relaxed. MPL should be banned! :/
Jakub Bialek 1
Ash should be fekin PAY 2 FLY system which Luftscheissa so readily uses :/
jack higgins 1
Forgetting the medical issues for a moment why was a pilot with only 600 hours mostly in light aircraft sitting in the right seat of a major airline? Hopefully that's NOT the norm!
gerardo godoy 1
And do you know how many pilots are alcoholics????..its dangerous up there!!!!!
joel wiley 2
No. Do you? If you are concerned, perhaps hitchhiking would work better for you.
gerardo godoy 1
No, we both don't know, they wont tell, that's why it is very dangerous up there..get it?
joel wiley 1
If you click on 'reply', it will keep your comments in the thread context.
Make a fist, hold it out, put your thumb vertical. If you are English, use your left hand.
TWA55 1
Now that FA's have found a new in flight sport, bashing each other in the face etc. maybe it's time to perform exams before each and every flight of the entire crew. Let's all pray it does not spread to the operating room, things could get real messy.
Tim Marks 0
The 2 sides of this issue - public safety versus medical privacy - is one that always sparks a heated debate when discussed. The public safety needs to be a concern when considering the responsibility of a pilot for all souls onboard his or her aircraft. But a pilot's medical cert is something that is held in doctor/patient confidentiality, same as any other profession that requires a medical certification. Medical findings that are a concern for the well-being of the pilot that results in revocation or non-issuance of a medical has been the accepted norm within the industry.

It appears that what the French want is a full disclosure of all pilot's medical findings so 'big brother' can review it - apparently a doctor is no longer good enough - to determine if a person is fit to fly. The dystopian view of all people are evil and need to be watched over because we cannot trust them is becoming more and more pervasive each time a socialist leaning government gets into power, like in France. God help us all if the likes of Bernie Sanders gets into the White House, the freedom of flying will likely become only a memory.
Highflyer1950 4
Wow, you think it's the government? People do need to be watched.........just read the report. I don't much care what you do in your piper cub over your farm, but when the public pay money to get from one place to another, they better get the very best, not some idiot co pilot with eye issues!
AWAAlum 2
I just don't get it. There are hundreds and hundreds of industries that require regular drug testing of employees, and those that fail that test are terminated or put into treatment. The bottom line is - the results are made known to the employer. Why should pilots be any different?
joel wiley 1
I think it goes something like "L'État est le meilleur juge de ce que les besoins de l'État"


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