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The Frost's are off!

The first Embraer Phenom 100 delivered to the United States went to Jim and Betsy Frost in Houston, TX. The couple love the airplane so much, that they're taking it on an around-the-world adventure! The airplane has started that adventure today! Youcan track it at ( More...

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Gary starcher 0
To bad we wont see them =[
Joel Rodriguez 0
Hmmm, I wonder if they will let me wash it? I'll even run around in my swimming trunks to give Ms. Frost a show. But lets not tell her that I think Embraer is the sexiest airplane in service. (drools) Props to the Frosts, I wish them a safe and memorable trip.
Gene spanos 0
Tell them to keep the thing away from my home.
We have enough of Daley's AF - now.
mattdavis 0


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