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Delta Crj200 Comfort+ mod

Deltas new comfort + mod for the CRJ200. Adding the first row of seats as Comfort+ ( More...

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wx1996 5
Not much of a mod, the same number of seats/rows on the plane. Just added some red leather to row one.
Harold Dola 3
Wow, one row. And no underseat storage.
scott8733 2
This was nothing more than throwing new covers on the front row seats- good 'lipstick on a pig' reference below. At 6'-4", I avoid C-200's like the plague.

I've often wanted to hunt down the original design team and arrest them for crimes against passengers, but I did a little research years ago and found the original metrics called for 40-44 PAX, but because it's a gas hog more seats were crammed in by the airlines. Herein lies the disconnect between well intentioned manufacturers and the airlines who fly the finished product (look what's happening to the Boeing 78's).

Pinnacle did use a 44 seat config, but any still in main operation now I believe are all 50 seat jets.
Mike T 2
They all got converted from Crj440s to 200s at least 6 years ago.
bizprop 2
Still going to be as cramped and as uncomfortable as ever. Then there are the windows that are positioned down too low so you can't see out of them!
I thought Delta was getting rid of the CRJ200's.
aidannorman -1
Delta owns very few, if not any of the planes flying under the Delta Connection brand, they're owned by other smaller airlines. So it would be these small airlines that would retire them. Their fleet of CRJ-100/200s went down a few years back because one of these airlines went out of business.

Mind you these airlines might retire a few here and there that have reached their max flight cycles.
Mike T 4
Not even close to how it works... Delta owns most of the planes that are operated by the regionals. They choose who gets which planes and shuffles them around based off performance. It is Delta deciding the number of each fleet type not the airline. The 200s in storage were Comair (from when they went under) and Endeavor (due to staffing issues) once fuel prices dropped and Endeavor figured out how to better support its flying Delta gave the green light to pull about 16 of them out of storage
scott8733 1
Well said, Mike. When (not if) fuel costs skyrocket again, my bet is DAL puts the 200's out to pasture and ups their anty on Bombardier's CS orders.
aidannorman 2
I don't get what the whole point behind this is. Most flights on this aircraft are only like 1 hour 45 minutes long. The standard economy seating is just fine for that.
ADXbear 1
Lipstick on a pig... need to take out a few rows of seats spreading the leg room... need toi raise the window height about 12 inches so one can actually see outside, ah, they just need to go to the desert.. horrible airplane to fly oni more than 2 hours.
When are they going to improve their horrible customer service?
Muchits 3
Have you flown UA recently....


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