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DOT: Airlines must warn customers if inflight phone calls are permitted

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) is proposing that airlines and ticket agents should be required to inform prospective customers in advance if an airline allows passengers to make mobile phone calls onboard the aircraft. ( More...

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scott8733 1
Sheez, if the airlines think they have unruly pax issues now - wait till 125 people get on the phone at once- most calls of which are over nonsense that can wait till the A/C lands. It will make crowded telemarketing bullpens seem quiet.

Plus, later in the evening - the last thing we all need is some blabermouth next to us chirping on while we're visiting Nappy 's place.
Mike Hindson-Evans 1
Before I turn into a Grumpy Old Man, please remember that the generation(s) following us believe that they will suffer "separation anxiety" if they are off the grid for what *WE* would regard as a short, peaceful break.

Wilbur - it is a good idea to never hit the wrong button when you are "physically touching"....!


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Torsten Hoff 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

US flight regulators consider whether to allow or bar in-flight Wi-Fi calls

The US Department of Transportation announced Thursday it was seeking public comment on the topic. It is asking the public to ponder whether a rule should demand that airlines, if they offer potential phone service, should provide advance notice to fliers (perhaps at the time of ticket purchase). Regulators also want public input on whether in-flight Wi-Fi calling should be banned outright.


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