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4th A320 Neo faces engine trouble in less than a month

New Delhi: The Pratt & Whitney (P&W) engine trouble on the Airbus A320 Neo (new engine option) shows no sign of ending. On Saturday , an IndiGo A320 Neo, powered by P&W engine, developed a snag in one of its engines. “The aircraft (VT-ITC) got a `oil chip detected' warning for one engine at Vadodara. It had to be flown back to Delhi as a ferry (without passengers) on Sunday for engine change,“ said a source. Saturday's trouble is the fourth in less than a month with both… ( More...

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Roy Hunte 2
P&W will have some explaining to do...
joel wiley 2
According to the link below, 70 A320neo a/c have been delivered. Unless one engine has experienced multiple incidents, that is about 6% of the fleet. Is this a bit high for teething issues?

But how many are fitted with P&W engines? And what's their "field" (actual user) report?
Manufacturer / supplier reports are generally different due to difference in testing conditions.
Is this problem with P&W engines limited to Indian shores only or there are victims of this problem from else where on the globe ?
linbb 0
Could be the carrier just like the trouble with B787 that no one else had.
That was Norwegian.
william baker 3
No Jim air India was having multiple issues with the 787. They had Boeing crews in India to deal with the issues. Norwegian wasn't the only one having issues.
Geared Fan!!! Aren't ALL 320Neos fitted with the single-source P&W geared-fan engine?
Roy Hunte 1
No some are fitted with the CFM LEAP 1A.
Should have used GE LEAP engines.
Nope - Rolls Royce power every time
mikeap 1
Qantas A380 almost-crash Stuart. It's not the 80s anymore, this ain't your father's RR sadly.
Ever watch Air Disasters on Smithsonian channel - one hell of a lot of US powered crashes!
Roy Hunte 1
That was one RR engine.


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