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American Airlines' Employee Suspended After Row With Passengers

American Airlines (AAL.O) has suspended an employee after a video showed an altercation on one of its planes involving crew, several passengers and a crying woman carrying a young child. An American Airlines employee violently took a stroller from the woman, hitting her with it and just missing her child, Facebook user Surain Adyanthaya said in a post accompanying the video he put on the site on Friday. ( More...

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Rick Garner 12
Where's Walt? Someone needs to defend this f/a's behavior.
DaveRK 2
That's funny!!!
Frank Boykin 12
The added pressure (overcrowded planes and stressed pax) placed on crews nowadays has become obvious. The captain should have intervened and told the F/A to cool it as soon as he saw the first sign of escalation.
The captain did not have control of the plane because the doors were still open and the plane still belonged to the gate. He could have said something though.
Lee Smith 9
TO THE CEO's OF ALL THE AIRLINES: WE THE PASSENGERS ARE YOUR BREAD & BUTTER.. Stop with the Cattle Car service and work to improve the industry. There are two sides to every story, but with the recent fights, it time YOU and YOUR BOARDS start to make things right. How much more profit do you people really need? The GREED was started by Your airlines own people. We the flying public don't have much choices left. So do the right thing and IMPROVE or Get the hell out of the office, and let real people run the airlines. In fact, how many of you get on a plane in the back with the psg's and go thru with the rides, we have to face?
That FA should've been knocked flat on his ass, and the Captain should've taken control of the situation instead of standing there looking stupid!!!
mariofer 6
100% agree. The Captain is the top authority on that aircraft and should act accordingly to prevent escalation. Or maybe he wanted to knock the FA flat on his ass himself but was hoping the passenger took care of it LOL. On the other hand unfortunately, with all the smartphone recording and all the social media journalism when it comes to these things, I can see how a Captain may be afraid to intervene and lose his position on the airline because the public "perceived it" a certain way and the airline made him or her the sacrificial lamb.
btweston 3
I think he'd look stupid no matter what he did. Did you see that poor guy?
Sam Johnson 1
I thought the same thing. Then I thought that he stood by because he was in the cockpit and did not know what happened to cause the mess.
Bob Roehrer 5
It all started with DEREGULATION!
npog99 0
ffrcobra1 6
I've heard the term observer pilot, now I know what one looks like.
Bob Crandall would have fired the FA before he deplaned.
Tom Bruce 3
hate flying now... mostly because of rude passengers.... flight crew? I don't know...have rarely seen a disturbance that wasn't initiated by passenger... this guy? Probably had it "up to here" and lost it....too bad
mariofer 6
I agree. Flight attendants get treated like dogs all day long by rude passengers that don't understand being a customer does not entitle them to mistreat other people. I never get over how many perks you can receive from a FA just because you were nice to them and you didn't need your drink RIGHT NOW! That is a gauge of how bad they get treated.
Dana Smith 3
I would LOVE it if the Airlines QUIT apologizing for doing our JOB!!! Albeit- our job is to provide security, safety, and service. These are all domestic flights- which means the most Junior and inexperienced of crew members. (Pilots and flight attendants) As a flight leader or Purser- our main job is to DIFFUSE any situation BEFORE it escalates.
As a passenger- your responsibility is follow the rules and instructions. Experience counts. No way ANY of these situations would have occurred on my flight. Leadership requires a thoughtful consideration of options and responses. The Captain in this incident is a moron- he should stay behind his million dollar door that I protect.
john doe 3
Agreed. I voted you up. BTW, it's "de-fuse", not "diffuse".
The Captains door does not need to be protected by you, it is a super reinforced, bullet proof door, with multiple locking devices!
the woman was travelling with twins and a double wide type stroller..she also had a very large carry on back pack..all airlines require stollers,even small ones, to be checked at the gate because there is no room in the coat closets up front for them,and they do not fit in the overhead compartment..the entire confrontation was not shown on the video,so those commenting did not see what actually occurred ,only the woman crying in the galley and the man standig up and "confronting" the flight can rest assured the woman was stressed just by travelling with 2 babies who appeared to be around 2 years old,and it was also reported she did not speak English..the flight attendant definitely did not handle the situation in the proper way,but they were in the boarding process on the plane,and the woman obviously did not understand the stroller was not allowed on far as the "captain" just standing there,the female flight attendant seemed to be handling the situation quite well by herself..had the flight attendant been "knocked on his ass", that would have entailed police and federal reports and a cancellation of the flight entirely (and as it was, the flight supposedly was one hour late)..I was a gate agent for many years and I can tell you there are ways to diffuse passenger anger or confrontation by your own words or actions,and this flight attendant did not do that..i will also say I once had a lady passenger who did not speak English,boarded last with her stroller and baby, and when I went to shut the door, she had seated herself and left the infant in the stroller at the door!!!communication and courtesy count in all interactions,even if it is hard to do that at times...
npog99 4
She put herself in that stressful situation. If you cannot handle your "baggage", then leave it at home or don't fly. This flight was going to Buenos Aires, and as a son of that city and former flight attendant, I can say that those are some of the hardest passengers to deal with. For one thing, they just don't like to be told what to do, and a great many do not like rules. I can easily see this woman trying to not comply with the requirement of strollers having to be put in the cargo compartment.
btweston 4
You're not supposed to smack a lady with a stroller, be you on a plane, train, or luxury cruise ship.

And you must always add a space after a comma, lest you look like some kind of jerkoff.
Well said.
Dave Mathes 1
...did you push the stroller back onto the ramp and secure the door, or you able to fit them both into the overhead.....:-)
ok dave..very funny!just one of the many "interesting" stories airline personnel can tell about passengers, and true!!!I felt sorry for the lady as she really I guess had not flown before and the f/a at the door didn't notice the child in the stroller until I pointed it out!!
Dave Mathes 3's sad that the average passenger has no earthly clue (nor care) what airline personnel have to put up with in the course of a day....a heartfelt Kudos to you and all like you that have 'pushed'....
s2v8377 1
American Airlines Flight Attendant Altercation With Passenger, Friday 21st April 2017
Jackson Moore 1
That's foul why would do that!
Dave Mathes 1
.....yea it's foul, it's also just an attempt at humor in an already sad thread...
npog99 1
Seriously... There are studies that are linking climate change to the increase in anger and rage responses from people. All this uncertainty--including the political uncertainty--are driving people to the point of break down.

Fear is another factor. We live in constant fear that drives us to have these wild reactions with each other.

What we are seeing today are wild responses as consequences to unnatural events in our lives.

There will be more of these events we are seeing.
Eric Schminke 1
Your "climate change" comment has prompted me to respond. First of all, the climate is always changing. Second, its very possible that many people are getting tired of hearing about it. As far as blaming climate change is concerned, the greatest comment I've ever heard, by far, came from Lou Holtz. When the subject of the ever increasing college football scores was brought up a few years ago, his reply was: "It's global warming." (Incidently, back in the 1970s & 1980s, the climate worry of most people was that we were headed for another Ice Age.)
lkcarwell 1
Must be all the ChemTrail spraying! Lmao
Dave Mathes 1
Richard Orgill -3
Hope the Union backs this F/A and gets to the real truth.
Maybe it would have gone better if the F/A hadn't kept saying, "Hit Me"!
btweston 3
So far it's not looking good.
npog99 1
Unfortunately, in situations like these, all the flight attendant can do is to deeply apologize for what s/he did. It is the only thing a company wants to hear.
I don't understand WHY it was up to the F/A to confront and remove the stroller from this woman? Where are the gate attendants? What were they doing? Why was this poor woman not boarded ahead of most everyone else?
I hope this woman got MORE than a first class seat on another flight for her embarrassment and trouble.
Some-bunnies need to go thru re-training.
Your kidding me right? AAL flight attendant having ago at a passenger. When we flew there DC10'S from
KJFK EGLL we use to complain about the clam chowder that looked like vomit a bun that was hardly recognizable with teeth marks baked in it. Then when you complained about the seat being saggy and asked to move the flight attendants went red in the face like some horror movie
Sam Johnson 4
Did you ever think that the flight attendants had been told that many many times, and had reported it to their managers many many times and management had done nothing to correct those problems? The flight attendants were, more than likely, showing their frustration with management, not the passenger. He or she could have said something like "We have all told management on numerous occasions and they are too damned stupid to do anything about it."


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