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First North American CSeries passenger flight for a worthy cause

The first North American passenger flight took place on May 8. It was a short hop from Montreal to Quebec City, and the passengers where handicapped children. The whole affair was a fundraising effort for Quebec's Society for handicapped children. The video is in French. ( More...

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Wolfgang Prigge 4
Sorry, I made a mistake by not including that this is the first North American passenger flight for the CSeries.
dardav 1
I guess a big PR move after the Bombardier exec's decided a big raise was in order after the Gov bailed their a$$ with the public purse. For God's sake "what about the children"!! Phoney as the day is long.
rapidwolve 3
WTH is so phoney seeing the happy looks on those children's faces??..why is it if an organization wants to do something for someone, people look at that organization only for the monetary aspect???
Lewis Tripp 0
They couldn't have cared less about the children, it was a ploy. It was a business gimmick.
rapidwolve 0
Another 1 who thinks a few companies donate their time and employees (Air Canada also helped) to put smiles on disabled kids faces and raise money for a huge cause...And its all a business ploy??? WTH is the monetary aspect?...seeing the smiles on those kids???...SMH


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