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Norwegian F-16 fighter jets were scrambled this week end to intercept Russian aircraft.

On Saturday, a Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) was triggered as two Russian aircrafts approached outside Norwegian air space in the north. Two F-16 fighter jets were scrambled to intercept a SU-34 and Il-78. «The QRA from Bodø identified two aircrafts by mid-Saturday, a SU-34 and a Midas,» press spokesman Lt. Col. Ivar Moen with the Joint Head Quarters says to the Barents Observer. SU-34 is Russia’s newest tactical multirole combat aircrafts and was first time seen over the Barents Sea in 2014. Midas… ( More...

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lynx318 2
Putin heard Norwegian ice tastes better in vodka.
tedtimmons 2
Trump and Putin are thinking about acquiring some land in that area (just another real estate deal) so Putin sent a couple fighters to get some aerial photos ;-)
djames225 0
I have a feeling Trump may think it too cold for his liking, thou.
Cade foster 2
So sad that Russia keeps attempting to be taken serious by these childish incursions into others airspace.
Time to accept that your no longer a SuperPower in the world Russia and behave like your just another Eastern European country.
djames225 1
LOL...that comment was funny
Chris Bryant 1
Will someone please tell that the plural of "aircraft" is "aircraft." -_-
Hey, the plural of aircraft is aircraft!!!


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