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Boeing to cut more jobs as Airbus crosswinds grow stronger

Boeing is cutting workers at its fastest clip in more than a decade. The aerospace giant shed more than 6000 staff during the first half of the year, some 4 per cent of its workforce, through a mix of attrition, buyouts and lay-offs, most of them at its big jetliner plants in Washington state. ( More...

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Shean Monahan 6
None of the links work unless you are willing to get a subscription. Not of much value to link this tory.
the layoffs at boeing have been in the works for a while..this is not a new story..union versus non union shops,competiton and costs are all factors,not just airbus aircraft..aircraft orders are done years in advance, by contracts with various airlines or companies,and those are always subject to cancellation...
allench1 2
Boeing and other companies are cutting jobs to improve their bottom line for investor payouts and growth, $$ for the stock market, but at the cost of working class jobs, so which is more important, too keep the work force and economical success or increase the stock which may 5 cents a share?
patrick baker 0
Is boeing planning on selling less aircraft in the future, so that less workers are needed? Has boeing figured out how to produce more with less labor?
linbb -5
Things are getting difficult for both don't bs people into thinking its anything to do with AIRBUST get over yourself.
btweston 4
You seem slightly unhinged.
bdarnell 2
Ops normal.


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