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Factbox: Bombardier aero tied to 22,700 U.S. jobs, $2.4 billion in spending

The U.S. Department of Commerce on Friday proposed a 79.82 percent antidumping duty after a preliminary finding that the jets were sold below cost. Last week it announced a preliminary duty of nearly 220 percent to compensate for the subsidies. ( More...

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I fail to see how this is a case of "dumping" when no one in the U.S. produces the same or competing product. Boeing does not. Airbus does not.

Boeing gets subsidies in the form of tax breaks from the State of Washington to the tune of $8.7 billion over 16 years. (Seattle Times, November 12, 2013) Airbus gets subsidies as well from European governments.

A far cry from the loan Bombardier got from Canada, and investment from Quebec Province.

If anything, the sale of aircraft to Delta amounts to nothing more than a loss leader, which is common practice in many businesses today. You see it in retail stores, you see it at car dealers. Nothing new. Get customers in the door and hope for additional purchases at full price.
So Boeing don't get any sort of subsidies.... like from The State of Washington, and from it's military production lines? The British government should raise the question of it's orders for the useless Lockheed F35 (can't climb, can't turn, can't run). Can't do it of course but at least raise the subject.
Edna Knight 1
Boeing (boing-boing) receives money fr the US govt. via procurements....
linbb 0
So that makes dumping OK??????????????????? Don't think so they got caught costing other companys operating according to the law business. In no way no matter how many they employ does it make things right.


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