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FAA Calls for Emergency Inspections of GP7200 Turbofans

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday issued an emergency advisory directive (AD) calling for visual inspection of the fan hubs on Engine Alliance GP7200 turbofans. The directive comes in reaction to the uncontained failure of a GP7200 on an Air France A380 during a scheduled flight on September 30 from Paris to Los Angeles. ( More...

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Noaha Guey 4
Hope it gets resolved sooner
Noaha Guey 1
Hope ot gets resolved sooner
linbb 0
Hey MH370 another Airbus problem along with an A320 pressure problem. If you read this.
OK, I'll bite!
MH370 was a Boeing 777 - that's BOEING not airbus.
The AF flight used an A380 (four engines good, two spares!) not an A320 twin.
Did you perhaps append the wrong forum?
You don't think it might be a General Electric problem?


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