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Wells Fargo Sues American Airlines for Not Returning Leased Planes On Time

Wells Fargo filed a lawsuit Monday against American Airlines alleging the airline violated leasing contracts by not returning three planes on time. The bank leased American three Boeing aircraft during the fall of 2017 which were returned 49, 45 and two days late, according to the lawsuit. ( More...

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ToddBaldwin3 5
The check is in the mail?
patrick baker 5
if you enjoy watching two scorpions fight, here you are......
Kevin Haiduk 6
Wells can cover the loss with the extra money they duped consumers on.
Torsten Hoff 10
Nah, that money all went to executive bonuses.
Ric Wernicke 3
Would not be the first time this bank used slimy tactics to rifle customer pockets. I don't know why anyone would walk through the door.
Peter Low 1
Unfortunately Dallas News, in their infinite wisdom, is not allowing this story to be read in Europe !!
Brian Drewry 1
What type of aircraft was leased for just a few months and only worth $15 million? MD80 frames or some sort of RJ?
chalet 1
There must be a clause for increasing the lease rate if the airline is late in returning them so the bank should have been more businesslike in letting AA keep the planes unless the lessor-owner had a better deal elsewhere.
Bernie20910 -4
Link is behind a pay wall.
pilotjag 5
What are you talking about? It isn't behind paywall! Works just fine
ifbattleboy 4
Disable your ad blocker on the site., like many other sites are starting to do nowadays, are either making you pay to view their site or disable your ad blocker to view
Bernie20910 0
I'd gladly disable my ad blocker if their ads were safe. They aren't.
pilotjag -1
Then enjoy complaining about interesting articles that are behind paywall


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