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easyJet celebrates 15% of new entrant pilots being female with its 20% by 2020 target firmly in sight

easyJet has announced that it has reached a key milestone in its ambition to attract 20% of new pilots joining the airline to be women by 2020, having achieved a new high of 15% of new entrants to the airline being female, over the past financial year. It comes at a time when only 5% of all pilots worldwide are female, according to the International Society of Women Airline Pilots. Of that, just over 450 of them have achieved the rank of captain – which means that almost every female commercial… ( More...

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Rick Hardman 3
Really don’t care what gender is at the throttles. Just hoping that the most qualified was hired when I’m sitting in the back during a stormy approach. Correct me please, but what flight school or airline has turned away qualified female applicants?
The key word here is “attract”. It is a positive for any industry to try to attract an under represented segment of the population. The extent to which they might achieve this is only partially up to them and mainly dependent on whether there enough of that segment that are interested. I would assume that that all entrants are treated, trained, and tested equally and therefore should perform and be promoted at the same level. I would also think it would be most offensive to women if standards were changed just to meet some artificially created employment level. It is very encouraging to hear more female voices in the cockpit as well as in the tower and in the boardroom.
Rick Hardman 1
Thank you for your response Tim. My question is what segment of our society (and European society) is not aware of career opportunities? Teenagers and twenty somethings in these societies are extremely aware of career options. The easyJet quota goal unfortunately reaks of lowering the bar to achieve an unnecessary goal. Like I said earlier, I don’t care what gender is at the throttles, as long as they are getting me there safely.
Qualifications and competency are more important than gender. Easyjet obviously has its hiring priorities out of order.

Any woman hired at Easyjetcwill always have the cloud of "you only got hired because of your sex" for the rest of her career.

Were I female, I would be resentful of being hired due to a gender set-aside.
you go girls!!!


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