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Airline boss sacked over 'disgraceful' post about cabin crew on flight

An airline boss has reportedly been sacked after appearing to fat-shame another carrier’s cabin crew who were working on her British Airways flight. Katarzyna Richter, director of LOT Polish Airlines,‎ was believed to have taken secret pictures of male and female workers while travelling on the British Airways flight before posting them to Facebook. The Polish native then reportedly wrote comments attacking the workers for their weight and teeth. Translated into English, screen grabs of the post… ( More...

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Her teeth aren't anything to write home about.
flymike 10
Flight attendants are for SAFETY not a beauty contest or wait staff.
Ken Bittner -2
That's (obviously) a correct today's world.
srobak -4
Biggest mistake the airline industry ever did was to deprive it of beauty of the jet age...
thegrump 4
I’m always a little reluctant to demand someone lose their job over off-duty behavior unless it’s truly egregious, endangering others, or - and it sounds like this is the case here - they act in a manner that any reasonable person would find offensive, and do so in a way that associates their boorishness with their employer.

Being a jerk is rude. Being a jerk while clearly identifying yourself as being an employee of a competitor and citing your expertise as such? Sorry, that’s a no-no.

If I had a nickel for every time some company’s legal/hr dept asked for records of an employee’s Facebook activity, that occurred on a company computer, during work hours, at their desk... I’d have a big stack of nickels to hand out to people who were usually unemployed shortly after.

Facebook: not even once. 😂
the woman really had no business as an employee of another airline (who by the way was more than likely either flying for free or at a reduced rate)criticizing the appearance of another airlines crew,unless they smelled bad,had hair hanging in her food or the like..every airline has their own standards and their own personnel in who do flight checks on their in flight crews,some of which,on some international carriers,require high heels for women,hats and or gloves..this woman was out of line...
Lee Ensminger 2
"Today, my attention was drawn to grooming and appearance of British Airways cabin crew members..."
Tomorrow, her attention will be focused on finding another job, and maybe a little self-reflection on installing a filter between her brain and social media.
Mark Kortum 1
Her observations were correct in principle. What were her motives for posting these photos? What was she trying to accomplish? Nothing practical. Most likely something emotional. Maybe insecurity about her own appearance or teeth? She is clearly not yet self-aware enough to regulate her own emotional responses. I would not want her for an employee either.
Not sure being an Operations Director makes you an airline boss
siriusloon 9
She was "Operations Director for LOT Polish Airlines Cabin Crew", which certainly sounds like she was in charge of a lot of people rather than being one of the peasants herself.

"Boss" doesn't only mean CEO.
Richard Tarr 0
As a regular user of BA there is no doubt the standard of appearance of BA cabin crew has deteriorated over the past few years .The reasons have been given that the pay and conditions are bad ,low moral and that younger smarter individuals are not interested in being trolly dollies anymore .more elderly part time staff are now the norm.
The picture begs the question would you go to work looking like that ?
Despite this the vast majority of the BA cabin crew are pleasant and professional and I for one will stay loyal particularly as they have started flights to Charleston SC
djames225 2
As I stated below, it's possible this is a second hop for this crew.
paul gilpin -7
this gal gets flamed for stating what everyone else, except social justice warriors, was thinking.
got it.
this gal is getting flamed for being unprofessional and a hypocrite.
now you got it.

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djames225 4
"Flight crews should look better than the passengers. This crew looked sloppy" A: me, where in those 2 pictures posted, the flight crew looked "sloppy". B: You DO NOT go about it in the manner she did!
Mark Kortum 2
These days, even if you look as sloppy as this BA crew did you still look a LOT (pun intended) better than the passengers!
sharon bias 2
I guess we need to decide the reason for the article. Did the Operations Director present and handle the issue well. Not at all. Were her reasons valid. Heck yes. The pictures showed crew with tight, ill-fitting, and wrinkled clothing. Shoes were scruffy. You think Singapore, Eithad, or Qatar airlines would even allow a crew member to board a flight looking like that? The attendants are the face of the airline. If they or management can't take pride in their jobs and company, well that says a lot about the company.
Pointing that out makes it appear as though you completely missed the point. Did you?
sharon bias 0
I guess "the point" is the question. If the point is she handled this issue badly, the answer is yes she did. If the point is that the crew was sloppy and this needed to be brought to managements attention, then she was correct in her observation. The folks had clothing that was wrinkled and too tight, shoe's were scuffed and ill fitting pants. You can bet that if attendants at Singapore, Qatar, or Etihad
djames225 1
This is not Singapore et all...and how do you or this person know how many hops these folks did? Glad you must look so refreshed all day long!!


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