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Alleged accomplice charged in $258,000 heist at JFK Airport

An alleged accomplice was charged Monday in the theft of more than $258,000 in cash that was supposed to have been loaded onto a Miami-bound flight from JFK Airport. Emanuel Asuquo Okon, 32, of Queens, was accused of serving as the driver who picked up the loot and hauled it away after a Delta Air Lines worker allegedly swiped it on the airport’s tarmac last week. ( More...

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Chris Cotter 3
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

When I used to load money onto planes, there was always a treasury agent there to watch every move and mark every package and log it. I guess if it is coming from a private entity, they don't do that, and ship it like regular parcel. This would have been too easy if it wasn't for those pesky cameras all over the airport watching EVERYTHING.
Another fool who thinks he can get away with it. Enjoy your prison time even though the defense attorney thinks you are innocent.
btweston -4
Well that’s an oddly emotional response.
Dan Grelinger 6
Well that’s an oddly worthless response.
scott8733 2
This group obviously didn't realize that like Jimmy, Tommy, and Henry- you go after Lufthansa at Idlewild, not Delta.
n9341c 1
HAHAHAHA! Outstanding! Keep up the good work.

Love, Ray Liotta
Phillip Moss 1
You can't fix stupid.
Carl Richter 1
Another Murph the Surf.
Bernie20910 0
I could have sworn this was first reported as $300,000. I must be mistaken. I'm sure the police recovered the entire $175,000 and turned every dime of that $93,000 in to the property office so the ful $19.95 can be produced at their trial for petty larceny.


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