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French President Macron Hosts German Chancellor Merkel For Lunch Inside An Airbus A350

Yesterday, French President Emmanuel Macron hosted German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Airbus assembly plant in Toulouse. The tour by the two European leaders of the manufacturing facility is meant to be a symbolic gesture. Specifically, the event was meant to show solidarity in the midst of trade tensions. Part of this public statement and show included lunch aboard an unfinished Airbus A350. ( More...

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airuphere 1
Anyone else notice the Red nose cone and door in the photo? I haven’t seen this before - any idea why? The materials? Or just a photo op thing?
a nice idea..promoting business from one country to another, and foreign relations...
Oh, gawd, please don't let Trump hear about this .... he still has one plane that could be used ... and he could bill the US for operations and every foreign dignitary for the right to board.


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