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Boeing’s CEO Is Set To Testify About The 737 MAX To Congress Tomorrow

Boeing boss Dennis Muilenburg is set to be grilled tomorrow when he fronts the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation ( More...

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linbb 4
Lets see hmm wonder how many of those asking questions know anything about AC other than how to fasten a seat belt.

Torsten Hoff 3
You're giving them way too much credit.
Because they probably have someone on their staff fasten their seat belts for them?
bettiem 4
It must take big bucks and big wotsits to be there defending an obviously hazard-prone kludge approved to overcome a panicked competition-driven over-powered, inherently unstable design. (I'd be nice if he had a Boeing test pilot at his side!)
airuphere 1
Who the test pilot who was found to be texting his fellow test pilot about hiding the flaws of MCAS. Or Boeing “expecting a crew could handle a trim runaway from memory”... or maybe the missing maintenance logs ? it was truly a perfect storm of bad judgement, regulation oversight, laziness, and greed that played a role in these incidents
linbb -5
Guess that you know all tell all and are just another troll on here. DUH what a stupid comment but a troll is a troll. Nothing about dumb pilots who couldn't handle an emergency at all I see.
airuphere 0
Exactly. Boeing left mcas out as they assumed it would be addressed as a “uncontrolled trim issue, committed to memory”... which to me says a lot about when the Lion air one happened (day after same issue was avoided with different crew) and who was in the right seat on Ethiopian. Less than 250TT. Sure the single pitot data point was shotty and based on test pilot and atp feedback they knew they should fix it prior to the accidents.. mcas issues were reported in NA, and no crashes here.
It was the guy in the right seat who called for stab trim cutout on the Ethiopian flight. So the the problem in this case wasn't lack of experience, the problem was the the lack of confidence that comes with it.

How many hours is enough to say you have the controls?
jbqwik 3
... as well he should be; one reason why he gets the Big Bucks.
pilotjag 4
I'll bet the value of a happy meal that MH370 will be sitting front and center during his testimony since he's a big Boeing hater!
Martin Cooper 1
What a waste of time, just as I thougght it woould be, a Pre-K could have gave better Aviation answers than this CEO, Nothing about the ISSUES of why were these MALFUNCTIONAL Planes flying when they knew they had problems, only what BOEING is going to do, it sad when a CEO says, "I wasn't aware" to key issue questions, then handed them off to the "Engineer," who defended his own *** rather than giving concret answrrs, What a waste of tome.
ADXbear 1
Where are the pilot union endorsements? Till then. The public should be very concerned..
jbqwik 1
Muilenburg walked the Boeing walk at Tuesday's hearing. Though he said the company "owns" the blame he side-stepped direct answers, never fully explaining critical facts. Tis a shame; I don't think Senators were satisfied.
Martin Cooper 1
Hold on to your hats folks, some High Tech lies from Boeing's CEO is about to take center stage.
There is no correct answer to a question is based on a false premise.
Chris B 1
Testimony. I'm sorry. We're sorry. Be nice to me otherwise I wont send you any money for your reelection campaign


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