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Airbus Surpasses 20,000 Commercial Aircraft Orders

Airbus commercial aircraft numbers hit a special number in November. With 222 orders added last month, the European aircraft manufacturer has logged over 20,000 commercial aircraft orders on its books. ( More...

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ian mcdonell 3
This story is very positive when you consider where the world of aviation would be without the Airbus contribution
US manufacturers would not have handled the demand boost and healthy competition has been important
I know that people will say that it has not been equal competition but realists know all sides get help
Abieshan Ganeshamurthi -8
Who doesn't love Airbus aircraft other than me?
Roger Anderson 7
@Abieshan Ganeshamurthi - you're just as a bad a troll as MH370 and linbb
racerxx 6
jeff slack 1
Please show us the reality of the spreadsheet that shows how they will produce and engine 20k planes?
linbb -1
It isn't if someone likes them or not let alone love them. They have had and continue to have problems just like Boeing does. Its just not reported as well on here for one. So get over yourself.
Don Quixote 0
I'm not a sidestick type of guy, so include me. I'm Boeing for life


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