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Air safety in 2010s better than ever despite Boeing 737 Max tragedies

For airline passengers, 2019 was one of the safest years in history – and ended a decade that saw fewer lives lost than any other since the start of the jet age. At the moment when the whole planet had begun 1 January 2020, the Dutch aviation consultancy, To70, published its annual Civil Aviation Safety Review. It examines accidents to large passenger aircraft used by most travellers. The author, Adrian Young, said: “Despite a number of high profile accidents this year’s fatal accident rate is… ( More...

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mary susan watkins 3
commercial aviation may have been at its safest this past decade,but in 2019 alone,the number of private plane accidents seem to be at an all time high,and most have had it training of private pilots or aircraft malfunctions that are not checked prior to departure,or fueling issues,or all of the above?
Don Quixote 3
"Despite 737 MAX tragedies" They act like 50 MAX's crashed in the same month. Forget about every other airline accident in the decade that resulted in more fatalities, because the two MAX's are the worst! Yeah, okay.
M. R. 3
Agree. I guess the Boeing MAX haters will be posting non stop. MAX issues will be fixed and have a great record of safety.


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