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KLM to Expedite Fleet 747s Retirement Effective Immediately

According to sources in the Netherlands connected to Aeronews, KLM is moving up its 747 retirement schedule in order to save on costs amid plummeting demand. Air Live reports that these jets will be gone by March 26th. ( More...

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Greg S 4
Just once, I sat in the upper hump on a flight. On that flight the business class seats were up there. Taking off was a weird feeling, it was more like your house was taking off while you where in your favorite chair rather than an airplane. I imagine the A380 is like that now.
cory nigri 2
Flew 747-400 to Tanzania to climb Mt Kilimanjaro...staff was great and I felt totally safe in the old faithful.. I will miss them as they all begin to age out.
Relics 1
Gonna miss those beautiful birds.

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