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United Airlines is packing their flights

A cardiologist from San Francisco says he won’t be “flying again for a very long time” after every seat on his Saturday flight was full — despite allegedly receiving a previous message from United Airlines assuring him that middle seats would be blocked off to aid with social-distancing precautions amid the coronavirus health crisis. ( More...

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Say one thing and do another, where have I seen that before ? ? ?
sparkie624 1
Hmm... Let me think!
John D 4
Disappointing, but not surprising. United and American's management often make poor decisions. Seems more of a desperate move. Delta and Alaska seem to be taking this more serious from what I have read. United and American, more lip service.
D Kronrad 6
Nobody should be surprised. United has not cared about the well being of their customers or crew since the Continental merger. They have led the way in stripping customers of any form of dignity or care for years. This is just another expression of how they really feel about the human beings who entrust them with their lives.
mary susan watkins 1
after seeing a passengers photos from inside one of those "packed" ual flights (and these were mostly doctors and nurses travelling to assist somewhere)it is a bit disturbing..these medical professionals and some others mostly had on masks,but every seat was full,no middle seat open, and passengers were on top of one another to put things in the overhead bins..yes, the airlines are struggling and since they have cut flights,they do need the business,however,promises of social distancing by holding middle seats open are just plain advertising ploys by airlines, who have sated they are fogging with sanitizer, cleaning thoroughly ,having everyone wear masks,having no food service and the like..people do not like being lied to by anyone or any company...that is a fact...
Chris B 1
I just hope that airlines actively rotate crew to ensure everyone remains current.

Plus, change up the aircraft type so the long distance crews (767/777/787) get their hours as well.
bbabis 1
As has been discussed in many squawks, social distancing on aircraft is a joke and for show only. On any other form of transportation and particularly in your car there will be someone sitting right next to you. If you want the airlines around to serve your needs later, don't require feelgood rules to cripple their business any more now. Because of air travels ties to the national and world economies, everyone has an interest in their survival and competitive spirit between them.
djames225 1
Train travel>required to wear a mask, seat assignments are spread out and windows can be opened, car travel> more than likely with family/close friends and again windows can be open.
If airlines want to "pack the flights" make wearing a mask mandatory.
There is nothing about physical distancing that is a "feelgood" rule!
bbabis 0
So you think airflow through open windows is one way? If everyone did that, Covid would be rampant along our highway system. Your car could get filled from the ten or more cars in front of you. Like a mask, keep your windows rolled up and the Covid to yourself and the cabin air filter. Also social distancing is a made up term for the purpose of sheeple control. The most likely way one gets Covid, or any other virus, is to touch it on a surface and then touch your face. So, wash your hands, keep them to yourself, off your face, and then wash them again and your doing all you can to mitigate catching it. Sanity is slowly overcoming hysteria and I hope soon aviation and the economy will see the benefits. Happy and safe travels.
djames225 1
No that is NOT the most likely way to get Covid. Instead of asinie comments, why don't you research first. "Covid would be rampant along our highway system." If that was the case, for pete's sake you best not walk outside at all.
The way you're thinking, we should have not closed places and allowed to maintain the physical distance lifestyle, and nothing would have changed.
sparkie624 1
On planes it is most certainly a joke... The Air Recirculating air of modern a/c, the same air stays in so long that it is going to get to everyone without question regardless of where they sit... On older A/C like the 737, DC 9's and so forth it may have made a difference... Social Distancing on a modern a/c is only a "Make the Passenger Feel Like the Airlines are Doing Something!"
sparkie624 1
Why the down vote.... I was just stating facts of the way the Air-conditioning and Air Re-circulation system. To save fuel, 90% of the air in the plane stays in the plane for up to 2 hours in a flight. That is not an opinion, that is fact!
Through Hepafilters that haven't been changed in 30 years ? ? ?
John D 1
Kind of the same protection 'duck and cover' offered.
I was traveling 100% up until last Fall. I don't expect to travel via air for the forseeable future and if I need to go someplace any appreciable distance, I'll likely drive
Agreeing with Bill Babais, passengers are sitting ducks.


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