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G5 accident at KATW

The Gulfstream 5 jet was resting on its side on the west side of airport property about 1:20 p.m. The three men on board exited the jet safely before emergency workers arrived at the scene. No one was injured. ( More...

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Toby Sharp 0
"Small Twin Engined Jet" .....................reporters.......... its a G-V!
Collin White 0
compared to a 777, its a bit smaller :)
Toby Sharp 0
well reporters are still silly. 80% of the aviation world would not consider a G-V small at all. HA
Collin White 0
I made a comment about it as well. It is a little ridiculous.
Toby Sharp 0
Come for a ride with me in a 152 reporter, ill show you small!
Jeff Lawson 0
It could have been this G-V [ GLF16] operated under a Gulfstream callsign, which was apparently flying test patterns and had landed just prior to the time reported in the article...
Collin White 0
forget the 152, its a single, they know those are small. put em in the cri-cri


It looks like the runway was closed for a couple hours after that "small" GV landed as well.
steveajones1 0
Did it land with only the starboard side thrust reverser operable (re: Newspaper web photos)?
dmanuel 0
The report said
“The pilots did a commendable job of maneuvering the aircraft off the pavement through the snow and grass,” Lenss said

I could be wrong, but wouldn't it have been more commendable if they had not maneuvered the aircraft off the pavement?
biz jets 0
Paul Allens new GV-SP N535GA off runway at KATW
Steve Wideman 0
I work at the newspaper that noted the plane was a "small" private jet.

I arrived on the scene about 18 minutes after the incident, heard my editors said it was a small jet and immediately called to set them straight, but they refused to change the story. They are very arrogant!

I've covered the EAA in Oshkosh for 20 years and if there is one thing I've learned it's the diffrence between a large and small plane:)

Anyway, I understand Paul Allen owned the plane and I'm trying to confirm it. Gulfstream has no comment...I am also trying to understand the job of a starboard side thrust reverser and how our photo might show the reverser and its possible part in the incident.

Thanks for any help.

Steve Wideman


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