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Thanksgiving Could Be The ‘Mother Of All Superspreader Events,’ Health Expert Warns

The US could see an explosion of Covid-19 infections in the weeks following Thanksgiving, Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a former White House medical team adviser, told CNN Tuesday. “It’s potentially the mother of all superspreader events.” Many health officials believe the Midwest was seeded with Covid-19 last summer from just such an event, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, Reiner said. “Now imagine that on a massive scale — people leaving from every airport in the United States, and… ( More...

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Paul Miller 5
A TV reporter asked a passenger in the local Airport here, why a person felt the need to fly to be with his family at such a bad time as this ? and the person replied back because I am OK I don't have the Virus.... The reporter then sort of lost it and said back to the guy, Well I guess that this might be the last time that you will maybe ever see them alive then ? seeing as you COULD have the Virus and not know it and then infect the rest of your distant family ? So the guy then replied back to that statement saying... It's all Fake News Anyway and walked off. In closing I am so glad that I stayed home this holiday period !!!!
James Simms 4
I have several co-morbidities & approaching that age group. I’m not doing anything special & only wear a mask for doctors offices. Been in a shooting war in a combat zone & elsewhere w/the military where I could have died easily. I don’t have family nearby but several states over. I fully expect to die alone w/out friends or family @ my bedside. If I get it fine. If I die from it, then so be it, but I will not be a sheeple. It is what it is. My only concern is what would happen to my dogs should I pass.

If no one agrees w/me or wants to criticize me for my attitude, fine; I fully expect such & not concerned abt your attitude.

So marching all over the countryside in full gear with a 90 pound pack wasn't a problem, but what basically amounts to a kleenex over your face while in the grocery store is?

Attitude isn't the problem, lack of common sense is.
Robert Mack 2
Many of us choose not to defy restrictions for quarantines and travel but wear the mask out of our endearing respect for others. I personally feel masks are nothing more than authoritative conditioning - to "do as you're told" otherwise, why would you see Fauci, Newsom, Pelosi, Cuomo, and others not wearing masks in the very settings they have imposed restrictions? "Laws apply to thee but not for me." An egregious example is their classification of "Relevant" - liquor stores and gentlemen clubs are relevant but Churches "irrelevant"? (And through it all we have the arrogance to say "God bless America")? My hat's off to Pastors like Jack Hibbs and his series on "It's Time - Pray, Vote, Stand"(Calvary Chapel Chino Hills), John MacArthur & Phil Johnson (Grace to You), Amir Tsarfati, Mike Golay, Barry Stagner (Behold Israel), Jan Markell, and many others who follow Scripture which is clearly "Relevant". May I recommend John MacArthur's "When God Abandons a Nation" on YouTube. All of these folks are very good but another is from Hibbs' guest - William Federer "Socialism: The Real History, From Plato to the Present." My friends, we're tearing away and devouring each other when we should be united and giving thanks for living in the greatest country that has ever existed on the planet. Sadly, it is not going to happen - the new world order's mission will soon be complete. One only has to read Klaus Schawb's "Covid-19: The Great Reset" and "Shaping the Future of The Fourth Industrial Revolution." The Reset will lead to a fusion of physical, digital, and biological identity through implantable microchips capable of even reading one's thoughts. Where are we today? Look no further than Romans 1, Romans 2, and II Timothy 3. In closing, for this holiday season what are we really thankful for? What should we be humbly grateful for? Obviously I do not have a pathological need nor insatiable craving for a "thumbs up" or "like". I don't lie awake at night feeling comfortable with all that I have done - no, I lie awake with deep regret and conviction for what I should have done in relationships and confronting the numerous inequities of life even if it means wearing a mask. Take care my friends, happy holidays, and God be with you!
Why masks? Aren't there hundreds of other things to choose from that are more restrictive, carry greater penalties for noncompliance, or both? You could have picked anything; shirts and shoes in restaurants, seat belts, outdoor burn bans, noise ordinances, and so on. And if I blast through school zones at 45mph, does the "well cops speed all the time" excuse hold water with you? It sounds infantile to me.

And I don't know the terminology being used in every state, but I seriously doubt any are using relevant and irrelevant to classify what can or cannot remain open. I suppose "the governor says religion is irrelevant!!" does have a little extra kick to it, though you shouldn't need it to make your point really.

Re: wearing the mask out of our endearing respect for others... what other reason is there?

Take care.

P.S. that is some heavy reading, I'll have to get back to you on that.
If someone smokes...I do not care. Gets cancer? still don't care....if someone can't survive if I don't wear a mask???? Nope, don't care. THE WEAK should shelter in place and take precautions, not the rest of society.
Nobody cares that you don't care, so go burn down a retirement home and shut the fuck up.
Robert Mack 0
Same here, Captain Simms - 45 years in the industry (24 expat) and have had a good life. Fully expect not to be around this time next year and that's okay (LOL - go ahead, you can clap). My concern is for most of you who are younger and especially with families. Life will go on but, it's going to be a different world because it's much deeper than a pandemic (just ask Klaus Schawb, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum).
Roger Anderson 2
Yup. So many points for infection and even with all the testing, many passenger turn up being sick at some point. What's missing one thanksgiving? Vaccines are around the corner as well, so let's stay put just a little longer.
Simply, the weak can not die soon enough. Hitler controlled people in the same way.
aurodoc 3
Many folks made significant sacrifices in American history. I am sure during WW2 and WW1 families made decisions that affected holiday celebrations while their loved ones were fighting overseas. Seems to be a pretty small sacrifice to avoid holiday gatherings in order to save some lives and not tax our health care system and its workers. There is always next year.
canuck44 2
There are data ib the motorcycle event to support the statements of the clipboard doctors and all the Chicken Littles pontificating for the cameras. If you are elderly with co-morbidities have your family come to you, but for everyone else suitable precautions puts your risk very low. Information not on the agenda from WHO and CDC is censored even though they are consistently wrong and keep chnaging their pronouncements.
Highflyer1950 1
It’s ironic that this economy is slowly dying from a “thousand cuts” when the intelligence dictated a faster, broader approach than the governments’ responses? Imagine a warning to purchase an extra two weeks of supplies. and then shut the whole transportation system down for a month. Exceptions yes, but not many. We needed smart people to tell the dumb people where, what, how and when to do things........dictatorial, yes but saves lives, also yes. Without an inoculated vaccine, this Thanksgiving will turn into a nightmare in about 10-14 days......will it be worth it?
You must acknowledge...saving .001% of society is not worth destroying the economy. Acceptable loss is part of every day life.
Where exactly did you sociopaths get the idea that the economy could possibly survive the monster that rises from the ashes of every ICU in the country.

Did you see the Chernobyl miniseries on HBO, or are you familiar with the story? You know the guy who insisted the tests continue despite the obvious clues and against the advice of nearly everyone around him? That's you.
oddly, I work in the ED that fills the ICU. Mostly with MVA PTs. NOT ChinaFlu.
Pa Thomas 2
Please, volunteer.
I am not in the demographic to even slightly worry. I am in direct contact with ChinaFlu folks everyday. Being as I do not practice geriatric medicine it is not an over bearing issue, other than the media driven panic and hypochondriac.


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