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Delta cancels over 100 flights as pandemic travel soars

About 100 Delta Air Lines flights were canceled on Sunday because of staff shortages, according to reports. “We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience, and the majority have been rebooked for the same travel day,” the airline said in a statement Sunday. ( More...

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if you have employees out sick, or on a furlough status due to flight cutbacks,it takes a while to get the machinery running again..regardless of deltas airlines stance on voter rights in georgia,they had many flights NOT operating due to covid and the cutback in passenger travel as it is,so a one day issue is not something unexpected...
Frank DeLeon 1
Couldn't happen to a nicer company.
sparkie624 1
I see you know them about as well as I do!
David Lee -1
I’m sure Trump calling for a boycott had nothing to do with the cancellations. No sir!


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