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Out-of-control Chinese rocket expected to fall to Earth in the coming days

'It's just considered bad practice to throw large pieces of metal from the sky,' an astrophysicist said ( More...

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belzybob 1
Not the first Chinese effort to go awry and it probably won't be the last, but it beats why they continue to lie about it..
Jim DeTour 0
Decades back world satellite launching countries agreed upon announcing upcoming launches and having agreed upon trajectories of stages with normally the Pacific Ocean the common reentry location. This instance is likely something went wrong and the stage has an uncontrolled reentry. Being such China by the agreed upon procedure notified everyone to look out for the errant stage. That or it was a delayed launch and everyone went on their culturally important holiday. Nothing new since you blast heavy objects into space there is a while lot of shaking and force going on so sometimes things can go wrong. Maybe a fuel valve didn't didn't close throwing things off.


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