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AA Regional Carrier Gets FAA Warning

An FAA document detailing the agency's findings dated from January and obtained exclusively by CNN describes "consistent evidence showing potential lack of airmanship," unsafe and poor piloting by multiple Envoy Air flight crews over the past two years. ( More...

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dee9bee 26
Experience isn't all about 'hours'. It's about spending a couple years (or so!) in the right seat seeing how various Captains handle day to day situations. The good ones also let you fly some difficult landings and let you make some weather related decisions for yourself. You, the newbie Copilot, get to sort out what you like or dislike about each Captain. By the time you get the fourth stripe, you know what kind of Captain YOU want to be.

I'm showing my age but as for the major airline I flew for, I started in the Engineer's seat and received a year's worth of extra 'experience'.
graham martin 8
I flew cargo and passengers in navajos back in the 90’s with no autopilot and radar at night through all kinds of weather for a bs 135 operator. Thats the experience people need to have. Not a piece of paper saying u can read a checklist.
ADXbear 22
The pilot training meets the minimum requirements inmost cases. There are many people that should not be flying part 121 or 135 at all! Thats for all regional carriers.

Its a matter of the right kind of flight times that gave them the minimum flight time for an ATP rating. Not droning along in a Cessna 172 teaching people to fly, or the occasional part 135 charter flight..
Pilots need to be trained for a longer time of precision flying, much more sim time, and the longer time as a first officer with multiple captain sign offs along with the required FAA exams CHECK RIDES before adding that 4th strip!

Automation is a double edge sword, with younger pilots learning too early to depend on automation loosing some of their Seaton the pants flying skills, especially slow flight and instrument flight procedures, this seems to get worse the longer pilots go unchecked. I feel much more sim time should be devoted to system failures and basic instrument failures, focused training on flying the aircraft by hand and pilotage.
Dean Brossman 3
Just a question and not meant as an assault on your statement, but who should bear the cost of all the additional training?
Roy Hunte 11
Good question, but, personally if I ran an airline I would rather pay for training than have the risk of a major accident.
Carl Richter 3
Good and effective training is an investment in you employees and your business. Accidents, both minor and major is money thrown into the wind. I agree 100%
Jeff Bateman 3
I found Envoy to have high standards and their Captains to be very professional. To say anything less would not be true. Even guys a personally would not hang out with and didn’t particularly care for socially were of the highest caliber as professional airman. There were no give aways when it cane to that 4th strip. Hard fought and won every step of the way.
saso792 12
CNN is two months late for this band wagon as this information was on Facebook and on Airline Pilot Central back in March. Hardly a CNN exclusive. Maybe a CNN, "we dug and dug until we found something dirty to comment on." This is also not an exclusive Envoy or AA problem. It is a system wide issue for all regional airlines.
I wonder how unusual it is for a commercial carrier to get this kind of FAA warning? Why was the warning leaked?
Are these warnings usually confidential, or are they public?
Wasn’t the $6k week long ATP CTP course and 1500hr rule supposed to mitigate these shortcomings... here’s a novel idea -maybe it doesn’t.
Peter McGrath -2
All this talk about safety at American/Envoy and not one word about United Airlines new policy of diversity vs competence! "Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes every day. That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color." Wow!
Chris DiCenso 4
Maybe UA should change its name to "Diversity Airlines". It would sound more appropriate. So will UA lower their qualification standards to meet this new goal? That's what has happened in other fields. It's cheaper and quicker to just lower the standards than to actually work with these folks to build up their qualifications/competencies.
Chris DiCenso 6
So here's the reality check folks...
We can talk all we want about diversity or equal opportunity or whatever else you want to use as a label but the bottom line is really this; is that person in the cockpit a safe, competent pilot? I don't give a damn if the pilot is male or female, Black or White or what their sexual preference is or their political party affiliation. What I'm expecting when I board that airplane is that the flight crew is trained, competent and sober. Everything else is total B.S.
Bill Butler 1
Now there's a unique thought! Wished I'd have had it....duh. This Nation is going off the rails.
ImperialEagle -3
Not that CNN adds any legitimacy to the issue.
As long as humans have anything to do with flying there will be errors. Everybody wants to be safe. But, there is always going to be some risk. Everybody knows it.
Bill Butler 1
Yes. The key is to minimize the risk and teach them how to handle the errors.
Carl Richter -5
And air line are going to hire based on skin color?
Jasper Buck 1
Yes they are/will. Even if a pilot candidate can't hold an airspeed, heading or altitude within the limits prescribed in the FAA's Practical Test Standards* for the certificate or rating sought. Besides I'm sure some social justice psychology professor will be able to show how such tests are racist and unjust. Makes a case for traveling using surface based transportation and cancelling air travel.

MSU Sparty 0
The way you do something is the way you do everything. American and its regionals have a terrible reputation with their customers and lousy work attitudes from the Res agents on the phone to the gate agents. It’s just a bad company that treats everyone poorly and apparently doesn’t train their regional pilots very well either.
mmc7090 -3
WOKness will fix all that.
Chris DiCenso 0
The word is "Wokeness".
darjr26 0
Reports about this are long overdue. I try very hard not to fly on any regional carrier.


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