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MH17 investigations team appeals to Russians for information

The international team investigating the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine seven years ago appealed Thursday for Russians in the city of Kursk to come forward with information about the deployment of the missile that investigators say downed the plane, killing all 298 people on board. ( More...

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Jim DeTour 1
Sadly it was a developing war zone with no other airlines crossing the region. By political standards it still is an ongoing conflict. Part of any war like they have is jamming radars. I think one of the reasons Russia doesn't care to talk about the matter is Ukraine denied having any of the same missile systems but they do and photos were produced to show one travelling on the Ukraine side. No matter what anyone says about the purpose of talking it will have some clamoring to say Russia did it and then more lawyers and blame games. It's best to stay out of a war zone because there were air attacks so everyone was on edge. Radar especially during jamming doesn't tell you what is detected in a general location is the one airline company that thinks flying over a war zone is fine. But nobody goes after the airline for pulling that stunt. Seems the lawyers are guiding the narrative away from the airline. Any other lawyers would be all over suing the airline for flying in a war zone.


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