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Ex-Alitalia Flight Attendants Strip Off Uniforms In Protest

Dozens of former flight attendants from defunct Italian airline Alitalia stripped off their uniforms Wednesday, wearing only undergarments in a silent, choreographed protest in central Rome ( More...

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EMK69 20
Now that is my kind of Flight Attendants.
Mark Kortum 25
Their timing is off. If they did this on Alitalia flights BEFORE the bankruptcy. There would have been no bankruptcy.
ADXbear 8
where is the video now.. pay these ladies they are important to your passengers safety
Billy Dolan 4
My few experiences flying AZ were appalling in terms of service (Magnifica or something like it)...they should have worried about their jobs time ago, providing a better service. Co9mmercial aviation is like any other business, if you get poor service you buy somewhere else.
pagheca 1
As an Italian, unfortunately I have to agree.

I think Alitalia lost their latest opportunity rejecting an offer from Air France. I am no expert, but I think the management of this company was terrible, linked to corrupted politician and with a lack of strategy: competing with RyanAir et al. on European market is impossible. They should have known that when they cancelled most of the long haul flights. Just to mention one of the big mistakes.
Steven Palmer 0
You forgot also a 'couldn't care less' attitude to the travelling public, because they knew their jobs were safe, protected by the unions and aforementioned corrupt politicians.
As for joining with AF, it's more of the same --- useless service protected by the same identities.
It was, and still is only KLM that kept/keeps that alliance afloat in terms of goodwill and profits.
David Loh 6
Stripped of their jobs. Strip in protest. 😍
SamirD 3
If their goal was to get the world's attention--they did it. And wearing their slips was pretty much just like being in a dress or even more than a swimsuit, so they got the attention to make their point heard. Personally, I think it's a really well done PR stunt. Well done ladies!
Tim Lamborn 6
Pictures or it didn’t happen.
aknorris 13
Pictures? How about ... video:
That works. Shame but a reflection of modern economics.
it DID happen. unfortunately there is some crap from the Capitol Hill fools cutting the picture out on here.
David Hasse 4
It may be self censorship or it may be official, the "obscenity" police have been getting into deleting or blurring more and more of what might lead to impure thoughts among those susceptible to such things. Who put a religious no-fundamentalist in charge is the question.
Bobby Lykins 2
Sad to see Alitalia go. My wife and I loved their service to Rome and back, with some of the best F/A's in the sky. I hope the crews will be back flying quickly.
Steven Palmer 1
Have you been smokin' something????
The Dude 3
Protest in underwear. Not quite as effective as going all the way...
Norm Dillon 2
The full Monty?
Greer Kemp 2
This is dreadful at a time when so many are unemployed, to be added to that huge band of people looking for work. Cabin crew are extremely important to an airline and it's safety in dealing with pax, and I hope these trained people will eventually be employed again maybe by ITA or another carrier.
SkyAware123 1
dreadful when there is record job openings.. yeah...
paul trubits 1
ITA in Italy is being staffed by ex Alitalia employees wearing Alitalia uniforms and they are flying their planes.
Greer Kemp 1
Yes, I saw that ITA had picked up some of the crew from Alitalia, but hopefully they will pick up more, or other airlines might take some too.
Bob Robar 1
FIVE Years of Unemployment benefits! Wow!! Hey Bernie, Hey Joe! You guys better take a lesson from these Italians! Let's give Americans five years of unemployment benefits too! See how much better you could make America! Just print more money and everyone will be happy and live in Utopia!
garritt -1
they give (in corporate welfare) 10 times that amount.....& no one cares......
garritt 1
yea !
ed lang 1
slips aren't underwear! You want to draw attention to your cause, go out in lacy thongs and bras.
ken young 1
The FA's should be happy to be out from beneath the thumb of a company that was so poorly operated, it went belly up.
So, why protest?
I know..THEY wanted to be auto hired. Well, it doesn't work that way.
THe story in the link does not indicate the possibility these FA's can apply for jobs with the new company
Edward Bardes 1
I'm actually surprised it took the airline this long to go bankrupt.
SkyAware123 1
Well.. anyone expecting the a different outcome doing the same thing is... well, insane.
Cleffer 1
If they had stripped off earlier they wouldn’t have gone bankrupt….js
Brian Freeman 0
How ironic. I thought it's considered to not be "woke" these days for women to be removing their clothes. Think how conflicted the Me Too broads must be over this - are they proud of them for standing up for their rights or ashamed of them for removing their clothing???
Dan Chiasson 2
Weel your use of the term "broads" clearly identifies your mindset and dare I say age?
Brian Freeman 5
Glad you picked up on the humor. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with girls, chicks, dames, gals or broads this time. I suppose you'd use "non-binary individuals..."
ken young 2
The term was meant in jest.
But, of course the hypersensitive easily offended have no sense of humor.
Oh well
Bandrunner 1
The Norfolk Broads object.


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