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TSA Airlines Mask Mandate Extended Until April 18

Following the CDC's latest guidance that masks are no longer required indoors, airlines were preparing for the expiration of the current mask mandate, which was set for March 18, 2022. However, the mandate has since been extended for another month and is now scheduled to expire on April 18, 2022. ( More...

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stratofan 2
Masks today, masks tomorrow, and Mask Mandates for-ever! Sound familiar? BTW, where is Mask Master Lord Fauci hiding???
Andrew Hunter 2
Totally ridiculous.Flew LHR to ATL 3/10/22. To be "Fit to Fly",and in accordance with Federal Regs, all pax had to provide proof of a negative test taken the day before flying.So why spend 9+ hours with a mask ?!
Mike Mohle 1
paul trubits 0
To keep the passengers and crew from infecting each other?
ray netherwood 1
CDC and Biden ….. clearly retarded.


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