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Pilot's cigarette in the cockpit while flying sparked blaze on board EgyptAir jet that plunged into the Med, killing all 66 on board in 2016, report

A report conducted by French aviation experts has concluded that the crash of EgyptAir flight MS804 in 2016, which killed all 66 people on board, was likely caused by a fire sparked from a pilot's cigarette. Flight MS804 was bound from Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport to Cairo, but plunged into the sea between Crete and the northern coast of Egypt after disappearing from radars on May 19, 2016. France's Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA) initially… ( More...

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sparkie624 7
Smoking in the Cockpit... UGH... Can you get much dumber than that!
bbabis 1
As you know, it used to be very common, almost the norm to smoke while flying. Years ago I used to work on vacuum driven aircraft gyros and never opened one up that didn't have nicotine buildup as a problem. Pressure and then electrons took over powering gyros and thank God people wised up about cigarettes and aircraft not being a good combination.
sparkie624 2
I remember those days and I do know exactly what you are talking about. I remember the filters in hte 737's time change and when you pulled them out they were usually black and stunk like Cigarettes!
Carlos Oliveira 5
I took some legs before the crash that same plane, from Cairo>Brussels... I sent after the accident two messages to Egypt Air precisely to mention that I found some cigarette smell. I was . on first rows - because I was flying on Business Class... And I have seen a packet of cigarette between pilotes on the console when I was waiting the door opening (as cockpit door was already open)... Just my witness... Carlos
Shenghao Han 5
Humm Egyptian authority's response seems quite similar to a certain 767 crash...
After pissing off Boeing and now French they might need to look a new place to buy planes...
David Loh 3
While attending to egypt air aircraft I had no choice but to enter the cockpit to review the log books. With the whole flight crew in cockpit smoking and jabbering in egyptian.

And me.. a non smoker and hater of second hand smoke, able to smell the slightest whiff of cigarette smoke from 50 ft away even before I could see the smoker... OMG I wished my company provided Oxy cyclinders to engineers assigned to egypt air.

The whole cockpit STINKS!
ADXbear 3
Listen followers.. as a flight dispatcher, I was able to ride in the jump seat to go to work or fly about anywhere. It was understood that what happens on the flight deck stay on the flightdeck... I've seen smoking, sleeping, reading newspapers and more, I have even had to make crew aware of radio calls to them they missed!
sparkie624 2
LOL, being an Airline Mechanic, I had to advise a crew that the 2nd engine would not start because the Cross Bleed was Closed... Received immediate take off clearance.... Fire in the hole just as the mains left the ground! Only time I was ever scared in a cockpit... A 737-200 fully loaded will take off on a 5800 foot runway on 1 engine, and I am living proof! I was in the jump seat watching it. That was about 40 years ago. Anymore.. nothing surprises me.
avionik99 2
As a mech on aircraft for over 47 years I find this story very highly improbable. I have seen or heard of many aircraft fires but never by a cigarette. Remember we allowed smoking on aircraft for decades too.
bbabis 4
The cigarette was the source of ignition. The cause was the poorly replaced oxygen mask. I can't think of many things worse than an oxygen fed fire in the cockpit for a crew to deal with.
Greg S 3
Once again, lack of cockpit video recorders prevents a complete understanding of what went wrong.


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