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Confusion over the controls: Update on the Air France 777 approach incident

French investigators have released details showing how Air France pilots were making opposing movements to control their Boeing 777 aircraft during a serious incident while landing in Paris. The Air France 777-300ER, registered F-GSQJ, was carrying out flight AF011 from New York-JFK (JFK) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) on April 5, 2022 when the pilots broke off the approach. ( More...

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David Loh 0
Presumably the investigators based their report on the fdr readouts, which shows the Apparent positions of the control columns based on position sensors.

If the sensors somehow failed amd were sending Uncommanded signals (ie the pilots did not actually move the control columns) then it will appear to look as if everything was working as advertised.

Control column moved... Control surfaces move as commanded. But what if the transducers or computers really went haywire? Imagine this... Pilots didn't put any column movement but surfaces are commanded to move by faulty transducers or computers...

Wouldn't that account for the total confusion of the pilots? Have the pilots given their side of the story?

As a ground engineer I used to do B777 flight control tests through the computer. Without touching any cockpit controls the test sends random signals to the surface actuators. I could see the random movements of the surfaces on the cockpit instruments.



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