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Edwards to Host First US Supersonic Airshow in 13 Years

For the first time since 2009, the birthplace of supersonic flight is about to have an air show open to the public on-base. And considering the history of Edwards AFB and flight testing done there, the lineup and variety of aircraft will be quite unique from any other air show in the nation. ( More...

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I saw chuck Yeager break the sound barrier in a McDonald Douglas Phantom 4 at Edwards Air Force Base! 28,000 feet
It was very interesting to see the distortion ring of sound before it got to you!
blueashflyer 11
I would take my canvas chairs and sit out for that one!

Bror Monberg 4
Edwards has a great tour of the facility which includes a tour of the NASA facility. Best to check for up-to-date schedules and availability. Off the 14 FWY about 1~1.5hrs from LA. What history!They have it all. FYI, Palmdale airport is on the way there where the 'Skunk Works' is located. Possibly tours available there also.
Charlie Roberts 3
Kind of surprised at this article.
Robins AFB has F-15s do supersonic runs all the time, post depot maintenance. Generally above FL400, but you can hear, and sometimes feel them.
John Wilson 6
Oh, we hear plenty of them here in the Edwards area too. However, this is an actual planned "demo" run during a public airshow, not just noise incidental to routine ops.
John Herbert 3
Really wish I could be there. I did get to go the the '97 50th anniversary of Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier on Oct 14, 1947.
sharon bias 2
Where can I sign up to get notification for the 2023 event? This place is in the middle of nowhere and it takes planning to attend.
paul trubits 0
There is this new thing called Google: try it
Paul, it is only Monday and already I am triggered for the week. You mean to tell me that everything in life is not going to catered to and handed to us? You are a hurtful person.
Leander Williams 2
I was thinking of going but the SoCal weather has been flaky. Anyway, some of my plane spotting buddies from YouTube will be live streaming, so I will get the experience but not the traffic.
Jim Smirh 1
Thanks for the very late "heads up"!! And we're having guests coming today... they'll probably notice if I'm not home! 🙄
J.J. Lasne 2
Indeed, a very late notice for this weekend...
lynx318 1
Bring on the original Dark Star... by John Carpenter.
junyang zhou 0


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