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Airbus Puts The A321XLR To The Test With Planned 13 Hour Flight

On December 13th, Airbus' Toulouse facility workers waved goodbye to their Airbus A321XLR as it took to the skies for a 13-hour flight. The test flight marks a significant milestone for the aircraft as it is designed for long-haul flying. This flight will prove to the world that the aircraft can fulfill its promises of being a next-generation fuel-efficient narrowbody long-haul airliner. Lengthy test flight The long test flight conducted by Airbus started at approximately 07:00 UTC when the… ( More...

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avionik99 4
Not sure I want to fly on a narrow body jet for 13 freakin hours!
jeff slack 0
It will be o.k.; each seat will come with a straight jacket.

BTW, I am with you.
Not even upfront because the cabin is just too small for anything over 5 hours.
Probably better than 11-abreast if Ryanair ever get their hands on a 777 or 350!!
Thomas Craig -1
Hour & half phx to puv is max I will be on an A321!


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