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Mother in Miami airport hurls computer at American Airlines worker after losing kids: 'Went into a panic mode'

An Alabama mother has been arrested at Miami International Airport after being caught on video throwing a computer monitor at an American Airlines gate attendant during an altercation police say left the employee "battered." Camilia McMillie, 25, is now facing charges of aggravated battery, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct following the incident that unfolded Tuesday after she lost track of her children, investigators say. ( More...

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working at the airport as an agent is sometimes fun,sometimes stressful,sometimes tiring,but it should never be a danger to your physical well being!the woman who assaulted the agent needs to be fined and do some jail time,and the CPS should be contacted regarding the well being of her children,which she seemingly cannot take care of..
Patrick Hanley 6
There is not even a possibility that woman would be fined any amount. A lot more likely the airline will be sued for somehow causing her to be a victim.
Gene Poon 4
She will probably play the race card and get off scot free, then sue the airline and the victim.
Alan Glover 3
There has to be some way to address these situations but CPS should be a last resort.

They have too much power w the courts and are overworked.

Bad outcomes often ensue.
wiztom 11
Looks like a bad outcome already ensued.
Tim Dyck 2
We looked after a kid that had been in the foster system. She ran away because her foster mommy and daddy were pimping her out at 12 years old. First time she ran the cops picked her up and put her back in that same home, second time through some friends she came to live with us. We gave her a home and a family until she was16 and could get back into the world as an independent person and then we kept her with us until she graduated and went off to university. She’s as much a daughter to me as my biological daughters and I despise the system that allowed her to be abused like she was.
Every asshole who supports a system that is just a front for underage human trafficking should rot in h3ll!
George Wilhelmsen 22
Uh, hello?

You lose track of YOUR KIDS and tell the gate agent to go find them?

I'm sure the rest of the customers at the gate would appreciate that as they waited for this snipe hunt to conclude.

What an entitled ignorant person.
Craig Walther 19
So AA was rebooking her and are also responsible for watching her kids. I don’t think so. What kind of mother doesn’t take responsibility for her kids?
pjshield 34
She appears to have been prematurely released into society without having been socialized.
RECOR10 -4
Any bets that she is on a first-name basis with her suspected father?
Gregg Bender 34
As a retired airline ground and CS supervisor, I think it's past time that an all carrier no-fly list be created. Flying is a privilege, not a right. I went through some pretty rough treatment in my day. It's not just in the US. either.
paul trubits 23
Since this is an airline forum why are we not talking about the poor gate agent that was assaulted?
Alan Glover 13
When I was a kid I never heard or saw admonitions to behave, to respect service providers and not be abusive.

100% this is the result of the participation-award generation.

Shame on parents who didn't fight it.
Stef Lar 3
> 100% this is the result of the participation-award generation.

…and who raised those parents?
Tim Dyck 1
The school system.
rthiedke 1
David Hasse 6
Yup, when I was a kid you somewhat dressed up though comfortably, showing some respect for those around you and planning for the weather at your destination. Never considered it optional.
Lucio DiLoreto 30
Calling this woman an animal is unkind to my animals who would never act like this woman.
David Hasse 9
Upset when it becomes real obvious she wasn't keeping track of her kids, like it was someone else's responsibility, then assaulting check-in crew. That's what no-fly lists are made for, no self control. What might set her off inside the plane, endangering other passengers and crew? Meditation or medication please.
Shenghao Han 7
This woman probably never thought she just hit someone else's kid.
hwh888 22
Its seems to me her parenting skill are “0” to none. If your going to travel with small children, in this case I’d guess 6-8 yrs old, one would think these kids just do what they want, a mother so absorbed she doesn’t know her kids walk/run away? Kids raised with no rules? I’ve traveled a lot and have seen sooo many unruly kids its beyond belief. I’d say it begins in the home, with do’s & don’t, rules of behavior.
ImperialEagle 0
She's from Alabama.
James Simms 4
Not all of us from Alabama are as uncivilized as the Karen in the story.
rthiedke -1
Not Florida? That is unusual...
Alan Glover -7
Yes commensurately there has to be parents who are allowing their kids to be groomed by their teachers in order for this barbarity to have gained a foothold.
godutch 23
Animal. Who raised this woman? How are her kids going to be when older??? WTF?
Rico van Dijk 23
Exactly that. Poor kids are better off without her. She needs help too.
patrick baker 12
there could be time-out rooms located throughout airports that disturbed folks utilize to calm themselves. But she claimed she lost contact with her kids. question the children: were you trying to escape from your mother and your saw your chance?
SorenTwin 4
If an airport has one time-out room that has to be shared and has windows, I'm all for it. We're not animals - they have the right to see their flight leave without them.
Mike Mohle 0
Maybe one of those idiotic "therapy animals" could help her.
sparkie624 8
I would loved to have a Video of her Tossing that Monitor... What idiots... Kind of wonder about how she brings up her own kids.
Put her on the "no fly" list.
drpepper 4
The codeswitching is strong on this thread.
dcmeigs 1
It’s not only this thread.
Floyd Taber 13
Of course she is one of the entitled person my assumptions were also proven correct
Dale Ballok 6
She definitely needs and will receive “anger management” counseling. It’s amazing that SHE lost track of her kids, then blamed it on someone else! Typical in todays screwed-up society! Don’t accept blame for a mistake. Just try to pin it on someone else! Pathetic!
Stephen Perrando 8
Unfortunate that this behavior is becoming too commonplace. Clearly a disturbed individual for reasons other than "losing" her children.
clarify 4
Apparently even ketchup ends up on the wall....
Robert Mack 2
Absolutely - had nothing to do with the kids!!
Tim Dyck 3
She lost her kids and expected others to find them? Maybe if she had asked for help instead of throwing a fit someone would have helped her but no now she’s going to jail and those kids are headed for the horrors of the foster system.
Jim DeTour 3
I've got a feeling I'm probably right on why the kids put distance between them and their mother.
Gene Poon 3
What a self-entitled total B!TC#! Obviously she has not raised her children properly if they run off but she is equally wrong in not keeping control over them. Add to that her loss of control over her hapless self.
May she serve time in prison and be levied a hefty fine for her felonious action.
tj shear 5
Airline gate shell game, seasonal depression, and travelling with kids. Enough to make anyone crazy, but violent reaction points to mental health issue.
Patrick LESIMPLE 6
Nobody should be wearing or requested to wear festive reindeer antlers.
Geoff Rowe 11
Yeah, I checked out the video and… I’m so not surprised that my assumptions were correct.
linbb 2
I agree with you have seen on TV shows same thing. Does no good to voice anymore than what you said. Lane just wants to poke your statement and soon mine also.
linbb 3
Should add to my comment so its a little clearer that some people feel entitled to do things that are way out of hand. Oh and Lane my thoughts are gender not race like you think.
pjshield 4
You don't need to explain yourself to others who may not be as aware.
George Lane -1
And what assumptions would those be?
k1121j -2
There are those who act like and A** and those who ASSume in my eyes the same type of people.
strickerje 1
Are you suggesting that saying something offensive and actually being violent are on the same level?

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

W B johnson 9
This is a blatantly racist remark that has no place on an aviation forum.
clarify 0
Agreed. Mr. Rowe thought he was being cutely tangential with his.... Sadly this forum has a fair amount of proud racists.
Gloria Johns -2
Agreed. RECOR10's comments show where he is on the scum scale.
Bill Overdue 3
She's far to oppressed to fly!
Bab Bezat 3
These are some of the most racially insulting posts I have ever seen on this site. Shame on you. Any posts that include speculation are completely out of line.
darjr26 3
Her kids were probably trying to hide from her. Who could blame them.
David Purtz 2
Where was the father, also known as husband?
SorenTwin 4
In the washroom. Helping the kids.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....
Brian Freeman 1
There has never been a better time to be an African American in this country than right now and, yet, this is the type of behavior we repeatedly see. Why??
Lloyd Sharp 1
Just another crazy psychopath, on the "No fly" list.
A Frank 1
when you put a costume on a dummy-all of a sudden the dummy has power-but is still a dummy-too many dummies in costumes
A Frank 1
too many dummies in costumes that have power---one of my many questions for these types-------"either you don't care or you are Stupid--but I know you care"
Jamar Jackson 0
She was hella ratchet
Paul Geller -4
Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Merry Christmas.
Mike Yoakum 10
How’s that working out in San Francisco?

Merry Christmas to you as well.


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