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Boeing Ordered to Be Arraigned On Felony Charge in 737 MAX Crashes

A federal judge has ordered Boeing Co. to be arraigned on a felony charge stemming from crashes of two 737 Max jets, a ruling that threatens to unravel an agreement Boeing negotiated to avoid prosecution. ( More...

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EMK69 5
Right hand and Left Hand at Justice.....saw it way too many times over the years.
linbb 1
Oh yes and a few years back Airbus had a computer problem with there AC and killed just as many took several years to figure out. But they didnt get the same treatment that Boeing did and during that time kept flying the same type with the same puter problems.
Roger Curtiss 5
Being arraigned is a world away from being tried and convicted.
btweston 15
Man. A news article suggests that Boeing should be responsible for their products and BOOM! Out come the frothing twelve year olds.

I don’t know where this bizarre loyalty comes from, because I know that Boeing would not care if you were inside of an airplane that smashed itself into the ground.
Peter Fuller 3
This article does a deeper dive into the legal niceties:
William Danielson 3
The distinction that matters is between the operator and the manufacturer. Flaws in the training and qualification of the airline flight crew versus design, manufacture, and product use guidance by Boeing. Or, both.
Rick Polley 2
ACCOUNTABILITY, that is what we need in this world. Muilenberg and his board were not ad hearing to worlds best practice, and most definitely should have been considering they were building airliners.Board members are eager to hold their hands out for the big bucks and bonuses, but when it comes to ACCOUNTABILITY, that shows how WEAK of a person they really are, no backbone.
I really hope that they meet their judgement day, also, the so called LEGAL morons that go against what society with backbones really expect.
Al Eaton 5
There is no accounting for stupidity. That goes for the judge as well as the two aircrews. I say that as a former US Air Force pilot. The two air crews were poorly trained. The Ethi Air pilot actually did the right procedure, then reversed himself!
David Folkard 5
In fact Boeing went to specific actions to avoid having to train the crews. That was one of the major issues at stake.
Timothy Clark 3
Good. I've been saying they should be accountable and everyone including the FAA sweep's it under the rug like it never happened and like Boeing doesn't have to answer for the avoidable loss of life.

No wonder though that the FAA would do nothing as they allowed Boeing engineer's to certify their own aircraft to fly which is so very wrong. We can't allow oversight to continue when human lives are at risk.
Begin putting a price on human life and we've got a problem.
George Wilhelmsen 1

Two US aircrews had the same event, and no fatalities, no loss of life.

This is a lack of TRAINING.

Another liberal "blame the company" lawsuit that will fail with any reasonable defense.

I'm sorry folks, but the PILOTS were to blame here.
David Folkard 5
Ignoring that Boeing actively lied so that mandatory training of crews would be required?
Greg Weir 3
If it's a lack of training as you say, well isn't that the airline not the pilots?
Don Ridgeway 1
Yep, and who said TRAINING WASN'T REQUIRED - BOEING. You're full of it mate, are you on drugs?
btweston 1
You’re high.
John Nichols 0
Boeing covered up problems with the 787 battery/P1 system, and the dreamliner was grounded for a time... the fires that occurred on board were extremely dangerous, and yet the airframer hid the is about time Boeing has a reckoning. They are far too cavalier about their work, and their secrecy.
Lewis Tripp 5
That's pure BS
Justthefacs 0
"A" federal judge. One person. Judges have too much power.
bentwing60 -5
Nancy probably made a million or two on Boeing stock in the not too distant past!


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