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Boeing's Aircraft Orders and Deliveries Declined in February

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — The American commercial aircraft manufacturer Boeing announced on Tuesday that it had delivered 28 aircraft in February, marking a decline from the previous month's 38 deliveries. ( More...

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I never knew Boeing was an airline.
Should be named PRATT Prendergast
mimana 1
Boeing is the most significant corporation that United States has. No other country creates modern aircraft the way Boeing does. Airbus is a join venture of a few countries but none compare to a 777-300ER or a 747-8i. The Dreamliner is indeed more flexible that the A350-900. Why is the gov attacking so much the best product the US ever produced?
pat prendergast -2
That's not surprising as it seems the FAA is doing its best to destroy the airline, I think they must be working for Airbus!
Dave Mathes 5


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