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FAA sets up new process for Hawaii air tour operators to fly at lower altitudes after fatal crashes

HONOLULU (AP) — The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that it is setting up a new process for air tour operators in Hawaii to be approved to fly at lower altitudes after numerous fatal crashes in recent years. ( More...

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on a visit to the hawaiian islands several years back, i took a helicopter tour of the islands with one of the big tour operators at the time..they were well known and had a great safety record...the "choppers " used were comfortable,large, and the pilot knew the islands well,as he gave us the explanation of various sites like waterfalls and farms and mountain sides..the most memorable thing was he pointed out jim neigbors mountainside home that overlooked a beautiful cliff and waterfall..i never felt the trip was unsafe,and the entire tour i believe was around 2 hours..worth every penny as those trips are not cheap!


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