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Korean Air Will Weigh Passengers Before Boarding

Korean Air will request passengers to weigh themselves at the airport before boarding their flight. However, the airline's goal is not to engage in body shaming or other forms of discrimination against passengers because of their weight. Instead, Korean Air wants to collect data to determine the optimal weight distribution on its aircraft. ( More...

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Greg S 16
I guess Korean Air is finally going to address the elephant in the room.
bdarnell 4
I see what you did there...... ;)
Nooge 4
The elephant is sound asleep in the middle seat next to me ...and it snores

You would think elephants would be more like road warriors and pay attention to seat selection and assignment
bentwing60 1
The elephant in my room is 100+ lbs. women in yoga pants. some things cannot be unseen! AND they don't fit in a middle Y class seat!

To be at fighting weight these days seems to be an abomination! The commercials tell you so.
C J 1
Wait...are you implying that women who weigh more than 100 pounds are "elephants"? I'm all for having reasonable expectations around people paying for an extra seat if they physically take up more than one seat, but your comment sounds like the rambling thoughts of a beer bellied fella complaining about actresses weight while sipping a "diet" coke and eating nachos.
bentwing60 2
I see that some missed the "they don't fit in a middle Y class seat" was the clue that back door 'fat shaming' was the intent. Guess it was a bit too subtle.

Oscar Wilde once said "irony and sarcasm are wasted on the stupid" I concur.
Highflyer1950 0
No not all women, just his! Too funny, nice to see comedy in these times.
James Duncan 3
The logical way to pay for tickets is by the pound. Everyone should get on the scale with their luggage and pay based on the total. Simple
Highflyer1950 1
You mean fly Fed-Ex?
Alan Macdonald 4
This isn't a fat shaming exercise it's as Mary intimates just a short term measure to update the weights and measures guide being used by airlines in certain countries and only goes for about a week in 2 different places, big deal. It's already been done by a few other airlines around the world and I wouldn't be surprised if the Tubby country hasn't done it already but somewhat surreptitiously I would guess. ******Does no one read past the headlines ******
sparkie624 5
I think all Airlines world wide should be required to do this... The Devil tells me that this number should be displayed and if over the average, to Flash in Red.. Maybe some bells and Whistles :)
avionik99 2
And if your weight is over a certain limit you must buy 2 seats! Seats are getting smaller and this limit should get lower to compensate!
sparkie624 2
Or More if applicable1
Highflyer1950 3
Hmmm, just how would that work? The heaviest get tossed off first! or ok, you can go but your luggage, not so much…..wait that happens now. Wheelchairs, service dogs and Trombones… you go! Sorry, just having fun today, and no offense to musical instruments.
Good thing for Korean Air there is no South Korean ACLU.
watkinssusan the past for decades,there has been an average weight for passengers boarding,and not done by height or gender..there was also an average weight for children under years have gone by,people,(even children) are getiing a "little fatter"..they weight more whether its from muscle or just their build,and the old averages are outdated..i remember not standing on a scale, but being askked my weight for a couple of "tourist" helicopter rides,which seemed ok to me..i also did weights and balances along with paperwork for a regional for a while years back,and it had to be spot on as to number of people and number of bags and average weight of all..(not fun by the way and accuracy was extremely important)..
If it's a consideration in private, why not in commercial? Good for those airlines implementing same.
Highflyer1950 1
If you think the delays and long lines are bad now, wait till everyone hops on a scale. How about Men under 200lb and women under 150lb both get one checked bag each, free.


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