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Boeing 737 MAX 9 To Return To Skies Following FAA Approved Inspection Regime

Based on data collected from 40 inspected MAX 9s fitted with door plugs, the FAA approved a detailed set of inspection and maintenance instructions on January 24 needed to be carried out on each of the affected aircraft. Once completed to spec, each aircraft will be allowed to re-enter commercial service. ( More...

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"Assembly quality control issues" - meaning a step missing in the production QA routine process book?
Roger Anderson 4
We'll all have to wait for the report to see who effed up installing those bolts.
Bill Overdue 3
Notwithstanding the whistle-blower, Boeing admitted their failure.
Alan Macdonald 2
Like any business, the buck stops at the top - in this case Boeing

Ron Slater 2
This article explains it pretty well
Beth Cox 6
As a member of the general flying public, who flies United, I worry about the systemic problems at Boeing that have led to these tragedies. I’d like to be reassured that there aren’t other undiscovered problems lurking in these planes.
a1brainiac 2
WHO is going to want to sit in those two seats next to that door that blew out ?
That's probably the part you can trust the most, since the airline has now re-inspected it. It the rest of the airframe built by Spirit/Boeing that you need to worry about!
WD Rseven 2
There are thousands of bolts and other hardware on these airplanes, not just on a door plug. What about those?
adainv 2
If it involved only one aircraft, I could understand a slip up, even though it should have been caught by the inspectors and the record keeping. However, with the number of incidents of missing or loose bolts, it shows a culture of sloppy workmanship or just plain malfeasance! Boeing needs to clean out upper management, but they also need to look into the sloppy workmanship of the mechanics, which the unions will fight!
I was with you until the union bashing. It’s like you think union members never fly on Boeing aircraft.
jmilleratp 1
To commemorate that, here is Saturday Night Live's version of a commercial for Alaska Airlines:
KatzyBaby 1
The reinspection may hold true for US airlines, but there has really been no word on the foreign airlines that fly the Max 9's or 900ER's.
James Hugh 0
I have never, and will never fly on a Boeing 737 max and I fly a lot as I have choices. Number one it’s made in Seattle ((Renton) , but I do fly 787s that are made in Charleston.
Air buses have wide aisles, and big bathrooms.
I still miss the L1011’s.
Michael Eadie 0
The CEO needs test pilot credentials.
Jaime Terrassa 0
I wonder how much of the information is true.
Joseph Millikan -3
They should be permanently grounded.


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