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The Tale Of When A Marine Mechanic Stole An A-4 Skyhawk For A Joyride Over California

In the early morning hours on July 4th, 1986, 21-year-old Lance Corporal Howard A. Foote Jr. climbed a ladder leading into the cockpit of an A-4M Skyhawk. He started the jet up, taxied to one of Marine Corps Air Station El Toro’s runways—which was unlit at the time—and pushed the throttles forward. Moments later, the Lance Corporal would realize his dream to fly a tactical military jet, albeit just once and illegally. (foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com) More...

A Boeing 757 landed on the blue-ice runway in Antarctica for the first time

A Boeing 757 landed on the blue-ice runway in Antarctica for the first time (mashable.com) More...

Turkey violated Greek airspace more than 2,000 times last year

The downing of a Russian jet by Turkish warplanes earlier this week marked one of the most high-profile incidents between Russia and a Nato member for decades. Ankara accuses Moscow of violating Turkish airspace, but the Russian defence ministry insists its plane was flying over Syrian territory when it was shot down. Airspace violations have become increasingly common in recent years with the majority of encounters proving peaceful and routine, something that may change in light of events on… (www.theweek.co.uk) More...

Rolls-Royce Changes Aftermarket Support To Foster Competition

Rolls-Royce sells about 90% of its Trent engines with aftermarket-support packages, and this has contributed to criticism over the past several years that it has a more-closed aftermarket network than competitors. In the last month, however, it has announced changes to try to dispel the anti-competitive ... (aviationweek.com) More...


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